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    I'm a fan of most late night comedies such "Saturday Night Live" and "Tonight Show". I am fluent in a little basic French. I've been playing RuneScape for about a year and a half. I may not have much posts, but I read about every new thread in the more popular forums here. I enjoy playing with my cats and just typing and make stories in my spare time. My latest check of my GPA was around 3.95. I am a courteous person, but I try to defend a person who's getting flamed.

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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Hope you have a GREAT Birthday!

  3. Hi, I am currently using Sony Vegas Pro9 and can't find any of the tutorial that are included with it. Also, whenever I place text overlays, the text actually takes piriority over the video clip (Which is on the bottom panel with the text, so I know that's not the problem.) THe text has the checkered backround, which my my experiance from pain.NET means that it should show the backround stuff and such. Also, if anyone would care to do a little tutorial on how to put image overlays like a "Shoop da Whoop". (Not my intentions to make a shoop video, but it might tell me how to do other stuff.)
  4. I do not PK. If you are doing nothing to help take down the problem, you are a part of the problem.
  5. Didn't you just read my post? The game will still come out.
  6. And that is why you sell before the "desired" ammount.
  7. Command Centre is a peice of art.
  8. Have you ever drinken a vile of antifreeze before and lived? Go do right now and see how your character would feel.
  9. IS epic and demands you sacrifice a cow to the holy realm of Ak'vor.

  10. Changed mine, I love this updte, been waiting for. And getting my membership for this is also epic. :D
  11. You could atleast put on a bronze full helm, noobs don't catch themselves, do they? I feel we're drifting off topic.
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