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  1. Hello! I'm an old-time rs player coming back out of retirement. Still figuring out a lot of the new stuff, but I feel like I'm beginning to get a grasp again. I'm looking for a clan that PvM's a decent amount (I'm EST based). I'm a first-year dental student so a lot of my time is spent studying/"afk" skilling so I can't commit to x events every week, but I'd like to get involved as much as possible. My stats are below :)
  2. Wow, that's awesome! Congrats on your newest 99's. I'm surprised that you get levels so quickly. I just got back into the game and it's taking me forever to even level from 80 to 81 smithing, haha
  3. Haha, just sold some random herbs i got in my bank and got 2m. The reason why they're so expensive is because people are training til 96 herblore so they can use overload potions which is basically a better super set. Great for bosses from what I hear. Of course my herblore level is still 63.... Working on getting it up, haha.
  4. Hey Leesters, I doubt you remember me, but welcome back! Loved your blogs back in the day, haha. Have you considered slaying frost dragons for cash? Their bones at 17-18k per dragon and you can cannon them. I'm making about 2m/hr but i know people with maxed stats are making more. And yes, prices of a lot of things went down as you're probably figuring out now. I was in the same boat a little over a month ago :) Good luck with your recovery!
  5. Yeah, i did that, but it gave me two. I feel like it the second one is an added bonus, but idk.
  6. I finished the subquest, but according to the rs quest help, it says... "Wow, I don't know what came over me just then, but I offer a hearty thanks to someone! So that's: 2 doses of red spice, 3 doses of yellow spice, 2 doses of orange spice, and 3 doses of brown spice." Is this like an extra reward or something? I tried giving it to dave, his mom, and my cat, but "nothing interesting happened". Does anyone know what this stew is for?
  7. I'm kind of hoping for some luck money right about now. Pretty much every clue scroll and monster kills, I'm hoping that I'll get that rare drop which will make me instantly rich. But I know that won't happen... Still, it's nice getting my hopes up. When I was cooking the other day, some level 78 or lower came in and said he got a visage on his 6th iron dragon. He was killing them for fun.... I killed a bunch more and all I got was a pair of d legs :( And vthis is why I'm going back to woodcutting :)
  8. I'm guessing increased demand. Most people normally just powermine and don't bank so there are so few people who sell it on the ge. I'm guessing more people are making granite crabs and steel bars. Yeah, this item is probably too big for merchant clans unless a couple of them joined together :\
  9. Yeah, and this is why I don't pk. Almost anything goes and I like my rules \
  10. Lol, if people keep trying to do things Jagex clearly doesn't want them to do, then they'll just change the rules to get rid of it. The 76kers were just asking for this update and probably knew it wouldn't last very long :) IMO, gj jagex :P
  11. Wow, this was actually really informative. I'll keep that in mind next time I go monster killing. So every monster has rare drops and the items on this list will vary depending on probably what type/level of monster it is?
  12. I think the range idea is a little too new to work now. Although I like it, the current range idea has been here too long to change without creating too much commotion. I would like to see day and night, but everyone has different timezones. Maybe either allow the player to set his tz or have certain times depending on where the server is located? Wow, 1.5m to 15m in two weeks? I guess I should check that out. I've never really been a good merchanter, but maybe I should give it a try again :)
  13. I feel like they should. Getting a 99 in f2p is normally two to three times as hard as in p2p and therefore it would be even more of an achievement. 99 should definitely be both :P
  14. Damn, i'm 17... and couple thousand if not more miles from cambridge :(
  15. A balance will take effect as soon as people realize the profit they can make off these logs. People might even go from the magic trees to the yews if magics are too crowded. Once everyone's cutting yews, the price of them will probably go back down to 400. But yeah, I remember when they went for 250 each... that was when I bought a santa for 200k though.
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