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  1. merchants probably have 95% of the phat market now, too bad i didnt see this coming or id have an extra 100mil
  2. minus the fact that castle wars is one of the funnest things to do in rs, compared to runecrafting which is the 2nd boringist thing to do in rs. its still a minigame, any way you look at it its not a skill, neither is it harder to get 99 castle wars in any other skill because your having fun, if it was skill based then there would be tons of clans playing it to make you get tickets 100% of the time.
  3. BBC3

    iron ore.

    this even though iron has been 100 each, since the dawn of its creation? why wasnt it 210 each last year or the year before?
  4. iron ore is 210 each, this could be because of increased demand of some sort, or merchants due to the market for iron ore being relatively small, or maybe even inflation? heres the chart for it: http://itemdb-rs.runescape.com/Iron_ore ... 40&scale=2 iron ore has always been a stable item for many years, now look at what it has become even under these tough times.
  5. 2 fire capes, got first one with 72 ranged 52 prayer second one was all melee, lmfao.
  6. hard to believe no one has figured this out yet, STRENGHT, and its underated, even if you think you understand it you probably dont, especially if you made a topic like this
  7. happens anywhere on rs in HD mode, nothing new or surprising
  8. overrated item, if the energy update didnt exist then this armor would be godly for zmi and abyss and basically everything else, but i might aswell do my graahk runs in full rune and still not run out of energy. other than that though, its an item that came out way too late.
  9. So it sounds like your advice to merchants would be to move into halloween masks and santas. They're rare and getting more rare. They're not bought out yet, but it's very possible to buy them out. Plus, unlike the other small rares you cite, they (like partyhats) have a natural demand because they can be worn. They've sucessfully bought out masks and santa's before but nothing to the extent of 3rd age or the 3 smaller rares because the public has alot of them too so the merchants can't control the entire market. A good buyout would consist of: A. ALOT of money willing to be invested B. Rare item with some natural demand However a great buyout would consist of: A. ALOT of money willing to be invested B. Rare item with some natural demand C. Item that the public does not have alot of C is all the seperates the good from the great and it was shown perfectly with 3rd age and now with the 3 lowest rares. As for santas and masks it'd be hard to control them because alot of people own them for outfits, goals, etc. As for partyhats there are alot out in the public but the people who can afford them tend to keep them and not sell when they start gettign bought out unlike some santa and mask owning players. 3rd age has been bought out twice so far, and its still crashing lol, could have been more than twice too, but i guess i havent noticed. and if your talking about how 3rd age became expensive at first then i guess thats how all items rise in price which would be a buyout which wouldnt be manipulating on purpose.
  10. techically, green is worth less than yellow on the street when they were dropping anyway
  11. im putting all of my hope into mechscape, that is if i ever stop playing cs
  12. fastest way would be rune mining. youd have to get the pouches unless you buy them from rc guild. and rune mining is roughly equal to runecrafting anyway, when rune ores were 12k each, they are what 16k each now, and runecrafting is less profitable now. id say the record can easily be under one hour from scratch if everything is perfect.
  13. 99 str is my personal favorite out of all the melee combat stats, yes it is worth it, its a great 99. any combat 99s are respectable, not the pointless buyables that you wouldnt get 99 in if skills capes didnt exist.
  14. yeah what mugg said, interesting to know though, armadyl reduces stats too and some other stuff too i think
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