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  1. well i dont really play anymore and i just want my money to increase while im gone so i dont need the money
  2. hey um i was just woundering why the H'Weenn Masks are goin down and do u think there gana keep goin down or up?... And if i should sell my mask or just keep it?
  3. How about you give it a break buddy? I never said f2p shouldn't get updates, just skill capes. And for the record, they don't deserve it because they don't pay for it like members do. And quite frankly, they spend YEARS training skills to 99 because they choose not to buy a MEMBERSHIP. So, do i feel a guy who cooks shrimp to 99 should get a skill cape like the guy who cooks sharks to 99? no, because he chooses the hard way. inb4 i get called something ridiculous, again. Um u said that jagex dosent care about how hard they work for a 99 skill... And u got proven wrong with proof of 2 mods = Owned
  4. 1/10 for yogurt 9/10 for sunkist Sirlon steak and boneless wings from applebees
  5. :ohnoes: I droped all my defenders including rune But I became f2p =(
  6. Mabye getting my license soon :
  7. 1. Skillcapes are becoming f2p 2. Don't lock it I want to no when skillcapes become f2p cause I might not be playin rs at the time
  8. nty I didn't really want this to become a debate I just wanted to now if skillcapes are going f2p... I don't really care if they should or shouldn't
  9. Hey I had few questions about smelting gold ore with gaunts and making addy pl8s with sc hammers 1. What are the xp/h rates 2. What are the gp/xp rates or how much it would cost (60-88 gold 88-99 addy) 3. Any other good methods of smithing? If u have a link to my questions that would be awsome
  10. Sweet sounds good... Not getting my hopes up i really domt care just wanted to no...mabye start to get a stat up to 99 and spread the word
  11. jw but ya never no.... they could make one guy some were sell all the capes
  12. Well I decided to change my original question which was are skillcapes becomeing f2p and that got a answer so my new question is... Do you think capes of achivement should become f2p or stay p2p I think skillcapes should become f2p but I really don't care if they do or don't... I just don't like the [puncture] members (not all) that are against f2p players ever getting them P.s. I am on my iPod right now so my typing is horrible Edited out swearing, don't avoid the swear filter when posting by spacing letters out again. ~Racheya Edited again. It is an offensive term and it is filtered for a reason. ~Racheya
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