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  1. Look at my router, switch, ping random domain name. try to fix the problem as fast as possible in hopes on logging on and running to my gravestone
  2. Am i the only one that thinks having "report" as a right click option is ruining the spirit of the game? since when is reporting as important as walking trading and following in any game? hell they gave an option to hide "req assist" but not report...
  3. Unreleased 3d models... Sadly, that's not how java works. The models have to be released, otherwise they can't be fetched. And for big companies like jagex, they release models long before using them for testing purposes edit: zomg cats i bet you someone can make a pretty accurate script to do that much faster than a human can
  4. Oh, I understand that, it's mostly for fm exp.
  5. I am currently 96 prayer and 73 firmaking, both of which I wish to level, but in all honesty, I don't find burning long lines of logs to be interesting. My question is this: How effective would it be to power burn shades for exp? I have the funds to buy more than enough remains (and I don't care how long they take to buy) Secondly, what would be the most efficient method to do so? I have very few quests done (for my level) and have access to a yak I am willing to quest for a closer teleport than canfis Thanks in advance for the help
  6. Return of the mushrooms, a long awaited quest where we'll smoke pot etc with the wise old man. That would make my decade.
  7. note to those that didn't read what i wrote: i'm asking about cave crawlers the effigyscape guide is a wee bit outdated 2nd question is more important to me than the first, i'm requesting assistance from someone who personally cannons cave crawlers for advice/costs/speed etc.
  8. Im coming up on 99 slayer real soon, and my main source of effigies will be gone. I have never cannoned cave crawlers, I have turm/ovls/steeltitan etc Around 750m to blow on effigy gathering My question is this: what is the fastest effigy collection setup. I can bank in under 2 minutes, so lengthy trips are irrelevant. And secondly, around how long/ how many effigies can I get out of my cashpile?
  9. Thanks for the laugh, made my day a bit better Funny fails are funny
  10. Anyone seen an uber cape online? (what world, and where)
  11. Very true, not much of the same thing could be said about 2002 though :shades: <--those glasses are purple
  12. This was supposed to be in the wilderness, now there is no hope for people out of wilderness needing assistance
  13. Nothing really, Imma just do some barbarian fishing and a bit of agility
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