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  1. I have to ask, what are the blue and green things in that tab? yeah brawlers, had way more few weeks ago but had to get rid of them for bank space
  2. loot from all 6 temple trek characters. Took total 270 treks to max out
  3. Tutorial island didn't come out untill late september 2002 and rune mysteries quest didn't come out untill december 2003 in rs2 beta (fully released march 2004) so I don't understand where you pulled that 10 yrs ago. 500k players on at time? thats 250 servers with avg 2000 players online on each. These stories pop up every week with so many flaws, pretty sure jagex is making way more money right now than back then.
  4. servers crashed yesterday cos of leap second, dunno why you blame jagex for that http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/07/leap-second-bug-wreaks-havoc-with-java-linux/
  5. and thats where all the moneys in stellardawn project went to
  6. seems like whole wilderness is now multiway combat and its on purpose Quick find code: 16-17-781-63826580 [qfc]16-17-781-63826580[/qfc]
  7. tried out the pking, couldn't rly find any challenging person. [spoiler=Warning contains profanity]
  8. small vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwFluonZdTI
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