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  1. The bad outweighs the good in my opinion but thats me...for every 1 good update there is 2-3 not so good updates and since I titled it my views they can be biased. 10 years ago 8 years ago it was still long ago my friend. Either way there's never anything wrong with corrections/criticism. Glad to see im not the only one with diminished excitement, but its easier to see why now.
  2. I agree with both of you. Even though the game is distancing itself from its past the experiences & memories will always be there..someones first whip pk or their first god armor from a treasure trail...popping a balloon and seeing a party hat...the memories are endless. I can safely say that Runescape isn't just a game anymore. Its a tool that has crafted & molded many minds, young & old. Helping players realize that there are no creative boundaries...anything is possible. For that they receive my thanks & appreciation.
  3. 10 years ago...I still remember the first time I logged into Runescape. I created my character and I got stuck on tutorial island, thus forcing me to create a new account minutes later. I finished the tutorial and appeared in Lumbridge..the feeling I got was remarkable it was like the first day at school or when you unwrapped a Super NES on christmas and the excitement of taking it out of the box, setting it up, and playing it for the first time was almost overwhelming. (Short Story) After getting lost and travelling for a few minutes I found myself in Varrock. I had started to noticed that some players look more "elite" than others and sure enough a good amount of gp would make that possible. I asked a player I believe he was level 80 as for the name I can't remember all of it. I asked him, "how can I make money and be awesome like you?" Well the response I got didn't really seem that awesome to me, but little did I know that would seal my fate as a runescape player for years to come. He said, " Finish the rune mysteries quest so that you can mine rune essence and I will pay you 5gp per essence." Well I did just that, receiving bonuses and extra cash here and there I made my first 100k working for him, but that was the last time I'd ever work for someone. Every day I'd look forward to playing runescape, but the day eventually came when I was no longer getting that excitement or joy like I used to. Then I discovered P2P! This was amazing, so many possibilities for only $5 a month. I logged out and purchased my membership. As I was logging back in I got that same overwhelming excitement I got the first time I played runescape. Fast forward a few years...this will jump around a bit The wild took a hit after hit after hit....Causing thousands to quit Free Trade was removed....Causing thousands to quit Pvp worlds were released...some players came back, realized how terrible of an idea this was...thousands quit The updates of RS are out of control. I used to think of Runescape and World of Warcraft as two seperate games. Now when I play RS it feels like I crossed into Warcraft. I recently logged back into runescape after 3 years..Can you guess what happened? There was no excitement I wasn't astonished by anything...the evolution of combat? A joke. There's so much unneeded material added to this game constantly Jagex should either slow down their releases to every couple of months or just stop updating. They have a counter almost 200m players registered since the start...How many of them still ACTIVELY play? I remember when on a given day there'd be 500k+ players on at a time...Those days are long gone. Maybe they should count how many players have gone inactive for over a year...it would probably be more than half the counter. The reason I wrote this is because I want the readers to try and remember the excitement they used to get from playing Runescape. If you don't get that excitement anymore, why do you still play? What makes you keep coming back? If you still get excited when you play tell me why. I will get more enjoyment reading anything you all post than continuing to play RS. Brian>Darkstar Thc>PvM Brian
  4. Checked it out, your right. Its like 15k total kills training separately and 19k using controlled.
  5. My combat stats are: 80 attack 85 strength 84 defence I plan on training at monkey guards and I would like to get each stat to 90. Should I train them 1 style at a time or on controlled?
  6. A great tool for you would be youtube. With your stats I definetly suggest f2p pkin, on p2p pures your level can be pretty nasty. So search youtube for f2p str pure or granite maul pures for p2p since your almost 50 attack.
  7. Yew logs Gold ore Iron bars Cooked lobsters Soft leather Remember you can lose money flipping.
  8. Make sure you right down the date and timeframe you couldn't log in. Its helpful information to have if for some reason you get banned for macroing that way you can plea "someone had control of my account"
  9. Wow did you gave the cash to randoms or prople whose banks you destroyed :) Nice job beating cky2kjackass( must of had to fix his name)
  10. Honestly I didn't it would be this hard to make up my mind. I'm most likely not going to get p2p ever again, so I won't be skilling, or doing anymore quests..Strictly f2p pvp single combat only, This is the last question I'm going to ask. Which account style would you say in f2p pvp averages more gp in a day in kills? If a mod feels this cant be answered just close this.
  11. Thanks for the responses, but I think I need to ask a different set of questions. 1. Which type of accounts do bette in f2p pvp: 1 defence pures, rune pures, or main accounts (100+combat)? 2. Same question, but p2p pvp. 3. Would you choose Maxed out main, maxed out rune pure, or maxed out 1 defence pure to pk with?
  12. Well rs peaked years ago before the G.E and jagexs sympathy for their "not so bright" players. I've created many accounts in the past and after a 400 day break I've come here to ask the community to assist me in a decision I need to make. Keep in mind im f2p and unsure if i'll ever give jagex $$ again. The Question: Which of my accounts should I use for PVP anf possibly full time? (meaning the others will be neglected) The Accounts: Main- 80 attack 85 strength 84 defence 95 hitpoints (screw constitution) 99 range 94 mage 70 pray 106 cmb f2p, has full void in bank with lunars and all that junk stuff done. Zerker Pure- 70 attack 84 strength 45 defence 77 hitpoints 76 range 73 mage 52 pray 87 cmb f2p, barrows gloves, torso, defender, anchor in bank, 180 qp 1 def pure- 40 attack 59 strength 1 defence 51 hitpoints 45 range 30 mage 1 pray 45 cmb f2p nothing fancy Which account on f2p would make the most profit PVP over time with stats getting better? Which account on p2p? Use which acc 4ever?
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