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  1. Hi everyone. I'm new to the boards and new to RS pking in this day and age. I used to pk in rsc where catching skills dominated over having the perfect levels and what weapons you were using. However, my main character was banned quite a few years ago, so I raged quit and never got to learn how to pk with the new RS combat system. Now, I've started playing again with a new character and I really want to get back into pking. However, whenever I step foot into the wilderness I get destroyed by all types of other players. My knowledge of pking seems to have gone obsolete. My character at the moment has 47 att, 1 def, 78 str, 67 hp, 1 mage, 40 pray, and 1 summoning (combat is 62). I am currently training my strength, but know I must bring my attack up to 60 eventually. What I am things looking to take from this: a) What is different between RSC and RS pking? b) What types of pkers there are now? c) What types of weapons are commonly used, and why? d) Training in wilderness situations. What you can expect to take from taking me on as an apprentice: a) Enhancement of your knowledge in pking from teaching. b) Your own personal errand boy. c) A new friend who you can pk with. Your combat level does not matter to me, but knowledge of sub 100 combat pking is probably necessary. I know this sounds kind of wierd and crazy, but I'd really like to give it a whirl. I'm completely serious about this, and I'd like this to be something long term. Nothing is definite, so if you think you might be interested, just shoot me a pm. If you're not interested, but would like to shoot me some advice (any kind whatsoever), pm me as well. Cheers, SellingFruit
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