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  2. This is such a funny thread. I logged in just for it. Seriously, most people's posts to show their hottest celebrities/models is just tasteless. My top 5 hottest celebrities/models males: 1- Kivanc Tatlitug [hide=][/hide] 2- Cristiano Ronaldo [hide=][/hide] 3- Justine Timberlake [hide=][/hide] 4- Orlando Bloom [hide=][/hide] Brad Pitt [hide=][/hide] Top 5 celebrities/models females (in my opinion): 1- Thalia [hide=][/hide] 2- Tuba Buyukustun [hide=][/hide] 3- Beyonce [hide=][/hide] 4- Charlez Theron [hide=][/hide] Scarlet Johanson [hide=][/hide] :P
  3. What an awesome bank 8-). LOL!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:.
  4. WoW It's been a while since I logged on to this forum and even Runescape. Because you never had the chance to ask the player him/herself lol. :roll:
  5. Removed: Poseidon0001 ??????????????? Is he a member now? Nooo!!! Oh well, have fun Posei :. Be quiet both Howie and Verie -.-.
  6. Thanks you two :. Yes, I trained Range on Ice Giants from Level 80 - 99 ;) .
  7. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments :). Yes, I pretty much find Runescape as a waste of time now that's why I decided to quit no matter how much i got left to reach a final accomplishment. To deathwolf221: I logged in to play at a really late time that was why I could be in touch with few people only :P. I usually put my private chat on whenever I logged in. To Enipeus: Those two Skills are indeed slow but nothing is impossible ;).
  8. Good day :), As it has been a long time since I have finished a Skill, I have finally achieved the last Skill that i wanted to get before I quit leveling :o. I have just got 99 Range on 29th of August 2008 and I guess it is the last Skill for me to train and level as I finally decided to quit Runescape for good. I feel that i have no time for online games anymore as I'm a Pre-medical student now, so I will just focus on my studying and more for my social life . However, I might still play Minigames with my Clan during clan events if I have spare time. Also, i don't know whether I'll still be browsing Tif or not, who knows anyway :|. Special thanks to all of my friends who helped me and supported me during my Runescape journey. Also, I'd like to thank those who came to cheer for me getting 99 Range and to every Skill I leveled to 99 in my previous Runescape journey. I think it's enough for me training and leveling Skills within 3 years and 29 days of playing Runescape lol! :mrgreen: Kind regards ~M N H Clever :
  9. His post didn't indicate anything of jealousy :roll:. Anyway, congratulations on the new level :.
  10. Congratulations 8-). By the way, you don't really train Runecraft by yourself as you just stand in the Air Altar to assist 30k Xp a day which takes about an hour :P (since you are training Range).
  11. Well for me I'm not proud of what I have done in Runescape because what I have achieved won't get me a prize at the end. I do like to complete games at its fullest when I can just for fun and to have a good feeling. I just play to enjoy myself in my free time. I know that members is fun and could save time to get a 99 instead of getting it in F2P. I have thought about getting members many many times but I always have two different thoughts for both sides because at the end of the day paying $5 a month for playing a game won't get me a qualification that I can be proud of here and there. I also don't see the point when people go here and there bragging about their F2P status as being something unique & special. I don't think any member would put a title: "P2P for life", "P2P FTW". I just see it as for getting more attention from others by implying that they have got such high levels in F2P without the help of the extra features that are provided by the game. It sounds like they're the best :roll:. Moreover, training in F2P isn't hard anymore. All it needs now is patience and a lot of time. Furthermore, I don't get why some members in here always argue about why F2P don't become members. Everyone has their own reasons and we shouldn't really make such assumptions that might not be true because every single person in this world has his/her own circumstances in life. So doesn't mean they are F2P they aren't likable.
  12. That's true. I do get annoyed from some selfish low levels who think that a certain training spot is for them to train only. Whenever they see me taking over the place while training (as i'm a fast clicker) they freak out and start behaving negatively :roll:. I don't know why some people come and claim that it's their training spot. It isn't even signed by their names nor it's their game. They don't even understand the idea that it's a multiplayer game.
  13. Sounds good. Finally a popular online game has thought about the children's future. I hope the system would be clever though.
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