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  1. - I'm 20 and still a virgin. I've never even decently kissed. Freaks me out. - I'm hot for scars. - I often feel jealous towards my friends' social lives. - I wish my genes had provided me with decent boobies. Oh - I love Runescape. - I once stole stupid stuff from my grandma's store. Ah that's it for now.
  2. So hey hi! I'm looking to join a wonderful and fun clan. Right now I'm P2P but my membership ends in 5days so I guess that makes me looking for a F2P clan. What do I look for? Basically a clan that just has fun, you know? Randomly hanging around, skilling together etc. If YOU would like ME to join your clan, please let me know! :D Either here in this post, but preferably in game (my game name is also Contagiouz, btw.). I'm looking for some amazing and fun people grouped together in a happy crazy clan :D. (Once I get started, I'm kind of a talker/randomist.) Loooots of love! PS; Runescape rocks my socks, mmkay?
  3. Contagiouz


    Nike and Converse aaall the way! I had a pair of black low converse shoes and they were honestly the best shoes I've ever worn! Also; cheap-ass shoes (no brand) to hang around in. + Also; barefoot rocks.
  4. Article 2: Seeeriously, the idea of going camping in Runescape is awesome! :D If you're ever going camping again, feel free to invite me! :D Sounds like a blast just hanging around.
  5. Olaaa. Thinking of training Magic; what monsters/ places/ spells provide the quickest xp? Any suggestions are very welcome! :D Thanks & ciaoo.
  6. Hellooo! Question: What monster frequently drops blue charms? If only I hadn't dropped all my charms last time my membership was over :[. Much appreciated!
  7. Yea, I figured that out now =[ Anyway I just re-did the sixth door so problem solved :D
  8. I'm at the end of Mourning's End Part Two and I'm at the part where you need a death talisman to enter the altar, right? So after the cutscene with the dwarf, I teleported out to go get my death tali and when I come back I can't go through the light door between the double stairs..?! What did I do wrong?
  9. So I'm back to member again and I really really really want to finish Dream Mentor. I can't seem to kill the first dude. What should I wear / bring? :S I'd like to use Ranged if possible. Thx =)
  10. Sumona set me up with them too. Sucky, didn't find any safespots in Brimhaven Dungeon, but then the cave in Ogre city rocks! Greater demons behind steel bars =) Ranged and mage only there though.
  11. I always play in English. Might check out the French and German ones, there's aaaalways room for improvement. xD Runescape is really good for learning a language better, I've noticed. :thumbsup: Edit: Just joined the French server. This is officially awesome lol =D I think I'm gonna be here for a while =D
  12. Thanks P4duke. I had no idea. I just saw some players do that technique in the lumbridge cellar.
  13. Trolls stronghold's perfect yea. The area where the tents are provides safespots. ^^ That of course, doesn't matter if you want to melee, lol.
  14. Hi! I want to train my Magic, cause its well, not good enough. Problem is that I've always done Ranged and I have no idea where or how to train Magic. Do you have any suggestions? Anything involving Ancients or Lunar is also good, both are available to me. Thankies. :thumbsup:
  15. I want to train Crafting but I don't know what is the best thing to do. Should I craft hides? Are there any other good methods? (preferably not too expensive. =/)
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