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  1. The TH promotion is silverhawks today, which is why the feathers are crashing.
  2. Oaks and normal logs are better than yews at all levels below 95. (I don't know prices on OSRS, this calculation was done years ago in F2P)
  3. The way I read it is that there are '350,000 bonds transacted per month', not '350,000 bond transactions per month'. A subtle difference which may be my misinterpretation, but I don't think it's a stretch to assume that's what they meant. Unless they define 'transactions' elsewhere.
  4. I'm under the assumption that it is on Jagex's side. Regardless of whether it's the number bought or the number claimed, it's still a heck of a lot of money. EDIT: At 3.59 GBP per bond, that's 15,078,000 GBP per year. For context, for FY2013-2014 they earned 46,100,000 GBP from memberships and microtansactions.
  5. I was really looking forward to finding out more. Too bad he had to log out so soon.
  6. Finally got this after years of bankstanding. Next up is 200M bankstanding (also updating my signature...).
  7. I've had an elite dust devil and greater demon. They seem to take around three times as long to kill as normal versions, making them no better than just killing three. I'll keep killing them as they appear but there is no real advantage I can see from the update.
  8. Trade runecoins for tradable tokens? Perfect way for me to use the last 200 coins i had from free offers. Easy 4m.
  9. its the effigy fairy! Leave 1 bond under your pillow and receive a visit from the effigy fairy!
  10. I'm exited for Vic to return. I've had 1.5M prayer bxp waiting to be traded for months.
  11. I regretted leaving scroll voyages until the end.
  12. At one point a number of years ago there was apparently 5 or 6 Marks working at Jagex.
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