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  1. The TH promotion is silverhawks today, which is why the feathers are crashing.
  2. Oaks and normal logs are better than yews at all levels below 95. (I don't know prices on OSRS, this calculation was done years ago in F2P)
  3. The way I read it is that there are '350,000 bonds transacted per month', not '350,000 bond transactions per month'. A subtle difference which may be my misinterpretation, but I don't think it's a stretch to assume that's what they meant. Unless they define 'transactions' elsewhere.
  4. I'm under the assumption that it is on Jagex's side. Regardless of whether it's the number bought or the number claimed, it's still a heck of a lot of money. EDIT: At 3.59 GBP per bond, that's 15,078,000 GBP per year. For context, for FY2013-2014 they earned 46,100,000 GBP from memberships and microtansactions.
  5. I was really looking forward to finding out more. Too bad he had to log out so soon.
  6. Finally got this after years of bankstanding. Next up is 200M bankstanding (also updating my signature...).
  7. I've had an elite dust devil and greater demon. They seem to take around three times as long to kill as normal versions, making them no better than just killing three. I'll keep killing them as they appear but there is no real advantage I can see from the update.
  8. Trade runecoins for tradable tokens? Perfect way for me to use the last 200 coins i had from free offers. Easy 4m.
  9. its the effigy fairy! Leave 1 bond under your pillow and receive a visit from the effigy fairy!
  10. I'm exited for Vic to return. I've had 1.5M prayer bxp waiting to be traded for months.
  11. I regretted leaving scroll voyages until the end.
  12. At one point a number of years ago there was apparently 5 or 6 Marks working at Jagex.
  13. Don't worry about it. Very few people understand just how easy it was/is to manipulate prices on the GE given absurd amount of money. Just think of it as a learning experience. That's why we're here.
  14. Place an offer in the GE for 1 billion air runes at 200gp each. Every air rune in the GE under that price, say 500 million, will go to fulfill your offer. Then your offer sits there, sucking up the next 500 million air runes sold to the GE for less than 200gp, which at current trade volumes would be about 2 weeks. Now if people want to buy air runes, they have to pay over 200gp. You just single handedly made air runes for up 700% in a matter of seconds. As long as you have enough GP to buy up all the unsold stock of an item you can pretty much control that item.
  15. It's to stop people from buying out the entire market of an item themselves. In the first few weeks of the GE, there was one person (I think he/she is/was a member of TIF) who essentially held the entire fire rune market. If a single person can control one of the most traded items in the game, something's wrong. Do you remember the days when clans could make items unbuyable for weeks? It wouldn't be that bad because the price limits are gone, but imagine having to pay 200gp for an air rune because I decided I wanted to buy out the entire stock, which would be incredibly easy. Yes, it's a minor inconvenience to only get 25k runes per 4 hours, but most limits are higher than the rate at which you can use them, especially when you factor in buys which occur while offline.
  16. I managed ~66k exp/h snowboarding using the 83% combo.
  17. Anyone had this happen before? Money pouch showed 0 gp, as did the examine. It didn't change until I thought to withdraw a coin, which fixed it. Just about gave me a heart attack seeing a 0 there.
  18. I would say that Some people don't have the money, levels, or desire to boss hunt or merchant. Other than those, there's not a whole lot of things you can do that'll make you 2M/h, much less make that much while also gaining experience.
  19. Considering double natures can make upwards of 2M per hour, I wouldn't say that it's never good craft nats. If you're looking to train RC while making GP, making nats is a very good choice. To answer the original question, it's not worth going to runespan just to get the pouches. If you've got points already that you're not using, then you might as well use them up on something that'll make you money rather than the esteem I wasted most of my points on.
  20. But as they said, it's because these people were playing so efficiently that botwatch (and the JMod) mistook them for a bot. It's not like Little Timmy, playing an hour a day, should have to worry. Chances are that if someone is playing that efficiently, they'll be in the public radar. I doubt there are a large number of false bans out there that we haven't heard of.
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