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    Instead of the daily trip to the coffeeshop we decided to go to Amsterdam today. Had a good time, bought some iceolator, chocolope, amnesia haze. Had some great times with a few dutchies :thumbsup: . 4/20 isn't really celebrated here and I smoke daily anyway. The day loses it's magic Nontheless great times :smile: Any ravers on TIF anyway? Goa? TeKno (with a K people)? Core? Acid? Dubstep? Jungle?
  2. Necrobean

    Electronic Music

    Acid? Core (all kinds), tekno/tribe? Goa :thumbsup: ? JUNGLE dubstep!
  3. Are you the girl or the guy? I'm thinking girl, but I associate the forum account with your brother (assuming you aren't him) but I think you shared it. That was unnecessarily confusing. I also hope I'm thinking of the right person. That would be awkward otherwise. The dewd. She's really been out of the game. Kind of uninterested myself because I can't buy membership and free is just "meh"
  4. Very colourfull, goahippie-ish :thumbup:
  5. Necrobean


    Wow drugs in Off-topic, I notice changes in the forums mentality. Drugs are readily available here in Belgium. The black market is all around and weed isn't far away (coffeeshops, Holland) Being 18 + crazy electronic music + belgium drug laws = :thumbsup:
  6. Confession: It's been a long, long time since i've posted here or have played Runescape. HOLY [cabbage] a lot has changed! I can barely keep up haha. If anybody remembers i'm V o r k ingame (yes you evil mumm ra). Once again probably playing for a few days untill I get tired of it once again. :razz:
  7. Necrobean


    I'm sorry, God. I apologize for having a liking for food. I hope you can forgive humanity. [bleep], who are you?
  8. Rage Against The Machine is the only good rapcore band. (that I know of at least) All others are like limp bizkit and fail. Someone else recommend something to Necro, I dont have anything. :lol: and Necro what were you saying about Modest Mouse? :? I don't know, I'm more of a goa/darkpsy person then all that... Chillout/newschool trance like shpongle and modest mouse, logic bomb; I don't even know why I know a load of artists. :lol: you can suggest me everything though, I listen to everything as long as it sounds good. So, anything.
  9. Sorry mate, don't like rapcore/raprock at all. [yt]3kV4Nw0PtNs[/yt] have some acid instead AWAY WITH ALL YOUR PSYTRANCE. Modest mouse, shpongle, ... look for psychedelic chillout. Or come to the darkside: [yt]SZr4tLJcXfU[/yt]
  10. Time to get some benzos.
  11. http://www.skawars.nu/skrewface/blog/11 ... simedianet Dubstep http://www.mixotic.net/dj-sets/techno-acid/134 Epic acid/techno set http://www.mixotic.net/free-dj-sets/mix ... quast-live Tribal/acid/dub/techno ------------- Get the Drop name records Vol. 1 + 2 for some epic breakcore/hardcore. ----------- Bloodclot raggajungle vol 1. Very nice raggajungle compilation. ----------- I know you don't like hiphop but maybe some ghettotech? The non stop DJ's - All cylinders is quite a good set. --------- Bassnectar is quite a good one. ---------- Search google for Malicious - feast of death EP. It's a free one featuring four EPIC darkpsy tracks.
  12. Hmm for me that would be being able to live outside of this society, away from taboos (eg; sex, drugs and various other subjects) away from politics, money and anything I do not want to be related to. Being self-sufficient would make me a very happy person. Or being dominated by a female for the rest of my life seems plausible aswell. Peow peow!
  13. Aren't you the person that asked in a thread if he should get both ears pierced? Thanks for making him seem even more stupid. =D> Bravo
  14. Stress is useless. Live day by day.
  15. 1. No tolerance to any substance that I put in my body 2. An open-minded society 3. Away with my special interests. Can't really think of any good wishes :lol:
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