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  1. So...you like meat do you?

  2. I'm already a member but I really reccomend it!
  3. Dungeonal, it doesn't count if you say it yourself. As self proclaimed king of the world it gets annoying.
  4. [bleep] modesty - I'm Mather [bleep] spelling - I'm earth [bleep] intellegence -I'm dungeon [bleep] you! Douchebags!- Rocco
  5. Don't you filing refer to me in third person as if Im not here. I'm posting for the same reason as you.
  6. I'll join as team Übermen. One Mage and two rogues.
  7. I iconic wholeheartedly awknowledge your concerns but I am 100%, absoloutley not Hex!
  8. Me=Edel Everyones saying it so it's true.
  9. You can't prove anything....... And it barely matters, only you - the one person believe it.
  10. Doesn't this just prove I'm using reverse psycology? I'm not edelweiss, I was joking your all pawns of my social experiment
  11. Because I wanted to be fair on everyone else.
  12. That doesn't prove anything, I was lying! I said that I wasn't going to play right away!
  13. It was: Ok, I'll make a post in the thread now.
  14. I was just joking, I got the PM really.
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