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  1. So...you like meat do you?

  2. I'm already a member but I really reccomend it!
  3. Dungeonal, it doesn't count if you say it yourself. As self proclaimed king of the world it gets annoying.
  4. [bleep] modesty - I'm Mather [bleep] spelling - I'm earth [bleep] intellegence -I'm dungeon [bleep] you! Douchebags!- Rocco
  5. Don't you filing refer to me in third person as if Im not here. I'm posting for the same reason as you.
  6. I'll join as team √úbermen. One Mage and two rogues.
  7. I iconic wholeheartedly awknowledge your concerns but I am 100%, absoloutley not Hex!
  8. Me=Edel Everyones saying it so it's true.
  9. You can't prove anything....... And it barely matters, only you - the one person believe it.
  10. Doesn't this just prove I'm using reverse psycology? I'm not edelweiss, I was joking your all pawns of my social experiment
  11. Because I wanted to be fair on everyone else.
  12. That doesn't prove anything, I was lying! I said that I wasn't going to play right away!
  13. It was: Ok, I'll make a post in the thread now.
  14. I was just joking, I got the PM really.
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