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  1. Hey guys! Many, many years ago I was very active in Runescape and I liked this community a lot. I was pretty always in the (unofficial) friend chat, for example. While I don't play Runescape anymore, and probably will never play again seriously (I might dabble in some permadeath questing here and there? I guess?) I remember a lot of the relationships I made here with various people to be very enjoyable. If you remember me and would like to stay kept up with me or whatever, I'd definitely like to stay connected. Ideally you should add me on Twitter (@Erichermit) or Skype (erichermit). I never made a farewell, so I guess this is technically a farewell. But also not really, because I left years ago. I hope everything is going well for all of you.
  2. Hey! I'd like to announce that I am back, but only kind of sorta. I've lately been fiddling around with a character named "Mortal Eric." The premise is to aim for a Quest Cape while being totally DIY AND also being Permadeath. When I die for the first time on Mortal Eric, I will quit him forever. I wont be online too terribly much, I'm quite busy with a lot of things. But you can probably find me on the HYT friends chat pretty easily, and I might make a couple posts here and there. Wish me luck!
  3. HYT, old friends. This has been a long time delayed. Far too long. With a desire for perfection I remade and remade Enex2 (I would say the game has been entirely reworked at least 3 times.) Never feeling like the game was suitable for release, I always could think of one or three more things that the game totally and absolutely needed before I could release it. However, this desire for perfection was flawed, because I could never reach it. Eventually I burned out and tucked the game shamefully away in a corner. This is true no more, however! While the game is by no means perfect, and I certainly can think of at least 3 ways I'd like to make it better, I unfortunately live in the real world where there are many different activities and ideas that vie for my attention. That is why I have chosen to finally release this game. If I had to make a wild estimate, I'd say this game was finished more than 3 years ago. I worked on it for years. I have literally spent thousands of hours on this endeavor, and I hope you will enjoy it! Game Download Link: Enex2 Download
  4. Twitter | Facebook Luminux is a frantic action puzzle game for Mobile and PC. We have set out to create a game that has extremely simple base mechanics while also giving the game a capacity for depth. The game is meant to reward quick thinking and quick reactions. Slow players will find that their opportunity for a well placed move has already passed if they take too long to act or decide upon it. The very basic mechanics of the game involve setting up lines of 3 or more blocks ("Lums") of the same color, which will cause them to explode an award points. Points gained is exponential based on the number of blocks, however, so it is best to try to perform combinations of many blocks. It is even possible to explode multiple different colors at the same time through intelligent play. By pushing for simplicity on the surface but depth behind the scenes, we hope to create a truly unique and interesting action/puzzle game. Game Demo: http://www.pelagicgames.com/luminux/luminux-demo/Game Trailer: Screenshots History I (Eric Hornby) and my friend Joey Caero went to a Microsoft-sponsored hackathon competition at our university. After cooking up a very rough prototype of Luminux, which we then called "Project Tetra", inside of a 24-hour timespan we were fortunate enough to win first place in the competition. This victory inspired us to take on the monumental task of tackling Luminux for a true commercial release. I quickly grabbed an other friend who was a graphical designer, Cory Kocurek, and we began development. While we all have a history of hobbyist game development, this is our first project together as a team and for each of us, a return to game design from a lengthy hiatus. ContactPlease contact either via [email protected] or [email protected]
  5. All right. After consistent flip flopping I will tell everyone that this is now my official stance on what is going to happen with Enex2: I have worked on this game too terribly long to see it possibly not see the light of day due to my attempts of commercialization. The game is practically impossible to convert from RTP to full custom without a dedicated team of spriters and would still need a lot more work. Seeing as how the game is truly finished now, I'd MUCH rather just release the darn thing for free and take people's happiness as payment instead. I'll look for commercial options separate from this. Now I need one last thing! Beta Testers. Truly. If you are willing to devote about 50 hours to this massive game for quality checking and bugtesting to help me in this final stretch to true release, send me a Private Message and I will send you the game. After the game is bugtested and it has been cleaned up accordingly, I will release the polished version for all the internet to enjoy. Do not apply to being a bugtester unless you feel you can devote about 50 hours to it and am willing to write down a list of quality notes and bugs as you play to send me. (Any text format is fine.) Cheers, looking forward to a full release within a month or two with any good luck! I also fixed the download link to Enex1. If you feel anxious to play Enex2, why not play Enex1 while you wait? I must warn you, it isn't anywhere near as good though.
  6. Honestly, the game should just enable RWT. I think it would get most of the botters and such to bugger off. Most MMO's sell in-game stuff for money now anyway and it doesn't seem detrimental. Just don't shove it down people's faces.
  7. Wish theyd just make a couple [Caution: Jagex Rule Violation] servers and tell the botters to get their asses over there so we can enjoy ourselves in peace.
  8. Or in the case of RWT, We pay They woodcut.
  9. The fact that there are rune guardians and a raven chick too leads me to believe that someone found out how to do this using their pets. Someone with too many sneekerpeepers. So he released all his pets here somehow glitching them to wander around as npcs to Peeper-bomb the goblin village.
  10. Erichermit

    uncut gems

    Try organizing manual trade via the RSOF.
  11. juju woodcutting potions + pack yaks -> teak logs -> butler cut them for you or you could just chop your own oak logs i suppose. i guess this means SC will be extra important for you :D or does that not constitute DIY :P I'm going to SC my ass off for Fletching and Construction. It seems unavoidable that I will reach 99 woodcutting without even trying as it will be the source of Firemaking, Construction, and Fletching. The problem is being able to afford having the butler cut them for me. My current plan is to woodcut Mahogany and use the Plank-make spell. That's still 1k per log though, and I'm not sure where I'm going to get that kind of money as DIY. Thankfully while woodcutting all that mahogany I should have enough Special Logs to cut about a third of it for free.
  12. I'm the friend that Link is DIYing with. It's pretty fun actually, though I almost gave up while cutting Magic Logs to use burn my shades I got from Temple Trekking for Pure Essence. My main issue is trying to find out how I'm going to train construction.
  13. I'm a little upset that I sold 400 Torstol LAST NIGHT. Anyway, I'm going to try to use this opportunity to get as rich as I can. Farming is probably ruined for me as a moneymaker as I wont be able to buy any of those damn seeds. Maybe I should grow avantoe? Nope, can't buy those either. Hell, MAYBE ILL STEAL FROM MASTER FARMERS.
  14. Blah, this would have been a pretty good Slayer D&D too. And an even better 95 slayer monster.
  15. Our character is the most fickle being in the universe.
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