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  1. That's a rather pointless comparison. You need to consider drop rates when contrasting consistent moneymakers and ones that rely on rare drops.
  2. Perhaps it is. But there are disadvantages with that style of gameplay. Prep time, finding open worlds, dealing with crashers, risk of death, etc. etc. Skilling is generally easier, simpler, less risky and more suitable to multitasking. So while it may be slower, it definitely still has its place.
  3. There are dozens of ways to make decent money skilling. You can usually make more money via combat, but that doesn't mean making money via skilling is "dead".
  4. I'm not going to waste my time arguing with someone who is incapable of even writing a coherent sentence -- and forum rules prohibit me from pointing out the obvious -- so let me keep this simple: Don't misrepresent what I write. I never called the Turkish ships a "humanitarian flotilla".
  5. Matok, thanks for your post. I understand where you are coming from. And I feel for you in terms of having to put up with the sorts of Israelis on display in this thread. But then, we have the same problem in the US with slavish adherence to the military and thoughtless support of "defence" and "security". I only hope it eventually passes and you get some sane leadership before it's too late. Nice video 5 Stars! Embarrassing.
  6. You post things like this and then expect people to respect what you have to say? Boggle. Okay, please show me how it did not stop weapons from passing on ships? I NEVER said it was right to do it for an economic purpose, all I said was that it still served a function. Yes, but this is not an honest or intelligent treatment of the issue. The entire point of bringing up the "economic welfare" aspect is to argue against the Israeli contention that the reason for the blockade was to block weapons. Even if weapons are also blocked, if that's not the primary purpose of the embargo, then the point is made. When you argue like this, you cause people to lose respect for your posts, because you are either playing games to avoid conceding a point, or you don't even understand what the argument is about.
  7. You post things like this and then expect people to respect what you have to say? Boggle.
  8. This is a rather childish comment. Everyone "blames other people" when they feel they have done something wrong. You certainly do. It's entirely relevant. Because Israel's continued existence depends on financial support, and that in turn depends on Israel behaving in a moral and responsible manner. When they commit immoral, irresponsible acts, they make people less likely to support them. I also offer it up to show that I am not an Israel-hater -- far from it. I'm referring to Netanyahu, who is basically the George W. Bush of Israel in his attitude and behavior. I've explained it numerous times. Re-read the thread if your memory fails you. How can I "take your opinion"? I don't have to respect it, however, when it is based on false claims and blind loyalty. Your posts mean little to me because they are high on emotion and low on facts and logical reasoning. For example, trying to downplay the importance of American financial support -- it's laughably silly and shows just how little you really understand about the complexities of this issue. I give you the benefit of the doubt in assuming that your poorly considered posts are because of your age, so there is time for you to educate yourself. There are many adults who fall into the same category, and that's a lot worse. Unfortunately, that is *exactly* what they mean and *exactly* what they want: unflinching, unswerving obedience from the American government and American Jewry. Hell, I'm surprised I'm not already being called a "self-hating Jew" for the posts I've made in this thread. It's a standard tactic.
  9. everyone has pride in their country especially Israelis have so much to be proud of. Thank you for proving my point so succinctly.
  10. Objectivity, analysis and reasoning require intelligence. Reflexive, unflinching, unconditional pride in one's country does not. Now that we're 24 pages into this discussion and it is winding down a bit, I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm Jewish. I was raised quite observantly. I went to a Jewish day school. I've been a very strong supporter of Israel for many years. Just last month I donated $100 to the UJA, a charity that raises money for Israeli causes. I spent $5,000 last year sending my oldest son on a month-long trip across the country. I still have Israeli savings bonds that I decided not to cash in to allow Israel to keep using the money effectively interest-free. And what I've seen over the last couple of weeks has utterly embarrassed me. The behavior of the Israelis, and mindless sycophants like on this thread, has been simply shameful. I am now strongly reconsidering sending any more money to Israel or supporting the country in any way until it cleans up its act. Israel has no idea how big of a hole it is digging for itself thanks to the "Israeli George W. Bush" and the people who support him. He is leading you down the road to ruin just as surely as the real Bush did us. The difference is that we have the resources to recover from those failed policies, and you do not. There's nothing to be proud of here, except to those too ignorant or stupid to understand the big picture.
  11. You and two other Israelis seem to be the only ones here who think anything about this event should lead to feelings of "pride". That should tell you something (though it probably won't).
  12. **** YA! Quick find code: 164-165-119-61107156 Another perfect example of how completely out of touch Jagex is with its players. Everyone here immediately recognized the impact of this change; they just listed it as a bugfix as if it was of little importance. And then as usual, they are surprised by the reaction and consider undoing it. They keep insisting their developers are avid players, and they keep belying that claim with their actions.
  13. For the umpteenth time... bots are NOT a problem unique to RS or Jagex, and the solution to them is already well-known: CAPTCHAs. Jagex will show it is serious about botting when it deals with them on a systemic basis. So far I see nothing in that regard. In fairness, this has occurred because we all whined about randoms and they drastically cut them down, but they've gone too far. We need simple, short puzzles/randoms that appear to stop bots without wasting 1-5 minutes of real players' time. Not Leo the gravedigger, just simple CAPTCHAs will do, and they are not hard to implement at all. CAPTCHAs were used in RuneScape Classic (fatigue & sleeping bags) and cheaters easily bypassed them by sending screenshots of the CAPTCHAs over IRC to other cheaters. Writing a CAPTCHA code for someone gave one point and having someone else write it for you cost one point. Edit: Never mind what I wrote before. I found a page describing how CAPTCHAs used to work in RSC, with an example. That was a very crude attempt and not surprising that it didn't work. Jagex could make proper CAPTCHAs using the same sorts of techniques they currently use for randoms, and I very seriously doubt any bot could handle them.
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