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  1. Since all of the RS avatars are right handed, holding the bow with your left hand IS CORRECT Wrong, sort of. Bow holding is determined by eye dominance. the sight on the bow needs to be lined up with the dominate eye. in order for that to happen, the bow needs to be held in the opposite hand so that when the string is pulled back to the other side of the face, it provides a backsight to be lined up with the front sight. the majority of the population is right-eyed dominate, therefore making bows held in the left hand more popular.
  2. yup, w113 is the f2p 1000+ total skill level server. so pretty much only long time f2p ppl or ex-members. its great because alot of the ppl on there have exhausted all the f2p content and mostly just skill or chat or mess around. pretty good server with a guarantee of almost no beggers/noobs. its the only one i've logged into since they added that minimum skill level. the problem with it is that all the good skilling locations are always crowded and the lower level stuff is left alone. still waiting on the 1500+ f2p server. :/
  3. try using firefox. that should help you get more kills.
  4. you did, it was the part that included easter in the event. looks like jagex missed it too.
  5. first i click on the culinaromancer (however thats spelled), but then i saw elvarg on the list.
  6. is this cape going to be one piece? or are the hood and cape separate like the skillcapes?
  7. whenever i feel like playing a minigame, i'll go to fog or sc. those are the fun ones. the dungeon minigame really isnt entertaining, havent played it in months.
  8. that would explain why he's writing for GameSpy then. dude never left the 90s.
  9. i will laugh if its a word document with all the names listed. times new roman black font size 12. link rs with my facebook page? yeah thats probly the last thing i would want to post there.
  10. have you tired luring a giant spider? :thumbsup:
  11. 20k lobs on first kill. im so happy now! found a new hobby. :) free 99 cook?
  12. i dont like that minigame. i spend most of my time playing runescape. but thanks to penguins points and ToG, i got a free 50 levels added to my total. not bad.
  13. :blink: sry for not covering up the names, but i couldnt because of the wth? factor.
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