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  1. How long have they been working on the Eastern lands for now? 4 years? That's the problem with this game they don't release 'expansions' just updates randomly, which allows them to get away with putting stuff off for as long as they please. It's really disappointing that this game never really see's new cities or new territory. IMO Jagex's priorities aren't where they should be.
  2. I hate it. If Jagex wanted to change 10 years of the same they should of made a new game.
  3. So there will be a 4 year gap inbetween skills? Just pathetic.
  4. You can thank tip.it for your character being hacked. Their database was hijacked and your account was recovered from that.
  5. 0/10 Too many annoying effects, I was ready to turn it off in the first 12 seconds. I want to see you fight, not see the screen fade in and out every 5 seconds. Music was horrible, didn't compliment the video at all. And you showed someone teleporting like anyone cares.
  6. He changed his name that Joseph Kony?? Jeez, no wonder they made him change that name. What a ridiculous idea that was.. SUOMI changed his name to K O N Y 2012..
  7. Jagex fails so hard. Seriously they are supposed to be a MMORPG developer and they have only managed to release 1 MMO in 11 years and its extremely mediocre at best. RuneScape isn't going to live forever, don't they have any plans for their future at all?
  8. If you're going to do it you should at least do it right?
  9. I understand that people can play however they want, but look at it from my perspective. You have a goal to make $10,000 to buy a new car. One job pays $10 an hour and the other pays $20 an hour. The job that pays $20 an hour is only approximate 5-10% more work. But instead because you are lazy and can't be bothered to put in 10% more effort for double the rate you stay at your job. It takes you double the time to get there. Waterfiends with armadyl & yak in ancient cavern = 100 crim an hour (120 fiends an hour?) Waterfiends with steel titan in chaos tunnel with proper gear = 200+ crim an hour (250 fiends an hour?)
  10. I'm afraid I might end up on one of those :P Lol you have plenty of excuse, but a lot of these guys don't.
  11. The lack of inefficient top player pics on this topic is disturbing. (It's been months since we have seen green!)
  12. From what I've seen the ad actually locks you out of the game for a couple extra seconds (about 10) when you would have already been in.
  13. You were probably taking 900 minutes to get the pot together & holding up doors and such. (You were the keyer..)
  14. Yeah.. problem with this is your cannon will attack others familiars and skull you.
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