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  1. I actually cancelled my membership just before the poll but had enough days left to vote. I just resubscribed today since the free month was going to run out. Anyone could have played off the free month if they wanted to.
  2. This is the main problem I had with old school servers that have free trade. In this period of time items only leave the game through alching or if they are lost on death and nobody picks them up. I had been hoping for servers from the 2008-2010 period personally as there would be constant item loss through pking which would really support the longevity of the economy. My personal opinion is that everything will continue to decline in price, not at the same rate as things are now however, and most useful items will reach a fairly stable price range and stay there for a long time. Just my thoughts on the matter.
  3. Owner of the channel blocked me after I threw everything I knew at him in an attempt to disprove it. Anyone have an explanation as to how un maxed strength gear can spec above the max hit? Also, this guy doesn't even have imbueds.
  4. 60 attack 40 def accounts are awesome. 40 def is definitely way better for hybridding because of rune defenders/boots and barrows gloves. Those are a massive steup up from rune gloves and worth getting 40 defence for. You're also less likely to get koed in rune armour and 40 def, dds hits through addy and 30 def way too easily.
  5. Honestly, I no longer really care about bots. If people don't want to enjoy the game like it is intended to be enjoyed than that's their loss. Also, regarding future bot nukes, we all know how quickly bots were back after the major bot nuke last year, I don't think Jagex is going to be capable of stopping bots. I personally feel that accepting that people are going to bot in a grindy game like runescape is just what you have to do at some point. Until they actually prevent me from playing how I want to play though, I'm not really that annoyed by their presence.
  6. Very happy with this update, my fps on my bad computer went from 15-20 average to 40-50 average :D I most likely won't notice any difference on my good computer as I was getting almost 50 fps everywhere on that anyway.
  7. ENTJ. The E could be an I fairly easily too, as a few others have said. That's the only one I'm in the middle for though. When I am part of a clan I participate in intelligent conversations, though it seems like most people on RS these days are troll/silly people and I'm not like that so there aren't many conversations I do find myself taking part in. It also seems that most people who I do enjoy talking to on RS do the same thing as me and stay away from most conversation that is "trolly". I like to talk on Skype but I don't do it enough. Talking to friends does always make playing much more fun for me though. Don't use vent or mumble. I always try to do things as efficiently as possible but sometimes opt for the less boring methods of doing things, as long as I don't sacrifice too much exp anyway. I don't troll. I am fairly argumentative though, but don't troll people, just tell them when I'm right and why :P But always in a nice way, so I can help them improve.
  8. My first thought exactly :P It really is a shame that piece of content with so much potential is just dead like this already... I hope they do end up doing something about it.
  9. Define it how you want, an "addiction" to rs is far less harmful to you than many other addictions. I'd also like to say that yes, I like many others, do play a lot of this game. Do I have a life outside the game? Yes. Unless you let runescape become your life (and I'm sure we can all admit this has happened for just a day even) then that's the only time I really see it being a problem. I play for fun, until I stop having fun then I don't see a point quitting really... Even if I can classify myself as addicted.
  10. I corp solo quite a bit and 30 glove specials until he is no longer difficult to hit? I have done kills where I glove spec him as few as 3 times and even with very low bgs hits I still hit with my spear very often. If you're talking about being difficult to hit with GLOVES then I see what you mean :P Just had to ask.
  11. I'd say get a rapier. If you do all bandos then a maul has better dps on the boss but you would have to shield switch if tanking/soloing. Rapier has very good dps at all GWD bosses (except arma/nex for obvious reasons) and is one handed so if I were to pick one chaotic for gwd, I'd pick rapier. Hopefully that helps.
  12. TC3

    Waste of time?

    Ok thanks, I'll see how doing some barb assault goes.
  13. Just wondering, is playing BA and getting horn charges worth it for mining at my lvl? Or even just not a complete waste of time... I hate mining but I enjoy BA so I was wondering is it was a complete waste of time or not. Thanks.
  14. A dragon warhammer would be pretty useless and be dead content to all but a few people. Like muggiwhplar said, you clearly haven't been around for quite some time. I'd advise looking into things you've missed as a lot has changed even over the last year.
  15. I believe you should have been given a tracking ID after you submit you recovery request.
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