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  1. Thank you Sally, Wow, a terrorbird mount does sound good indeed :) Also, in the patch notes: - dominion gloves now 10 hours - are they still popular? - Ninja: gem bags straight into bank! Ciao, Wozzels
  2. Hi everybody, Are there any new boss monster guides planned to appear on the tipit website? I ask this because many recent boss monsters are not in the 'monster hunting page'-list. For example KK, Rune dragons, Vorago, the Mazcab raids, Arraxxi, and many others In my opinion this is unfortunate since the only guides I could find were video guides on yt, and to have a guide that you could read has still many advantages. like: sometimes you just want to read on one tip or subpart of the guide and it is much easier to find in a text than in a video I'm not a PvM hunter myself really (I never even killed Jad and I'm a veteran player since 2005, :)), so sadly I can't help you guys. But I still would like Tipit to be as complete as possible to stay up to date with all the new tactics/strategies of killing them. Any feedback is welcome! See you! Wozzels
  3. Dear all, Basicly, as the title says, what is the best way to handle all the uncut gems you get (either from killing monsters, MTK, TH, ...) Should I cut them for crafting xp, and then go even further to make some jewellery or is that not worth it? Bolt tips perhaps? But really, sapphire and emerald bolt tips ?? Best to just sell them? This seems also very appealing but what do other people buy them for then? On a funny note, they should make a gem pool in your POH for you to swim in, or gem-armour (so you can skill in your very shiny full emerald or whatever...), complete with gem-bars and all... Thx in advance! Greetings! Wozzels
  4. Thank you Sy and Gwyn, I managed to kill all the nihils with range, as you suggested and with blood first, then smoke (so I had the north-south lanes to rest), then shadow, then ice. I did it on eoc in the end, so as to use freedom/anticipation on ice which was necessary because I ran out of prayer by then. I logged out after the fight, tonight I'll do the Ma'h nightmare :) Greetings, Wozzels
  5. Dear all, I was wondering if the nihil fight in the Fate of the Gods quest was also doable on legacy? I died already 3 times (doing melee on all of them, trying to fight them one after the other and trying to take into account their specials) Do you also have some guidance on which nihil to start with, and the subsequent order of killing them? I found that fighting the ice nihil was difficult because of the stuns of I didn't have a way to escape them. I really want to be able to kill them on legacy so please don't just say: swith to eoc. (I only will if it's really necessary, as I already once did for the Brink of Extinction quest) Anyway, thank you for much for your time and possible help! Greetings! Wozzels
  6. Dear all, As the title already suggested, I really want to find out which of the available mini-quests I already did in the past. I play runescape since many years and I'm trying to finish all the quests and mini-quests but for the latter, I can't really remember whether I did them or not. Things like: Did I unlock all the balloon routes? Did I return Clarence? Did I catch the Thalassus x times? Wandering Ga'al... Koschei's troubles... Of course I could try to find out for each one by trying to complete them and getting a massage lie 'you already did that...', but isn't there a more elegant and easy checklist to thick off? What are your experiences with this? You all just remember? Kudos then! :) Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Wozzels
  7. Dear all, I have a question on quests. In my quest for the quest cape :shades:, I'm currently struggling with the quest: Birthright of the dwarves. I admit having a (very) difficult time dealing with the boss fight at the end of the quest. I tried to do it in legacy mode and failed until now. (I prefer legacy mode but I will switch when deemed necessary) Is it just me, or is this fight supposed to be fought in EOC-mode? I remember for example, when I did The Brink of Extinction quest that I had the same problem and I only finished that quest by switching to EOC (when the fight was actually much more manageable). I was wondering any of you have the same experience with the last dwarven quest, and secondly: (I'm working on all the quests, chronologically, working from old->new) are there more recent quests than the latest dwarven quest that are supposed to be finished/fought in a certain mode (legacy and/or EOC)? Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards, Wozzels Stats: 99 att, 92 str, 85 def, 80 magic, 85 range, 84 pray, 80 sum (but not good in PvM - bad reaction speed :D)
  8. If I become a runescape member: - am i able to play regular runescape, runescape2007 and runescape classic (of course not simultanously)? - will it be very clear where to log in for these different runescape versions or is it hidden in obscure places on the runescape website? - if i want to log in (as a member) for the first time in runescape2007, will i have the same username? - if i log in (as a member) to runescape classic, do i also start from lvl 3 or will i have the same stats as in the regular game? - will i be able to switch to play whichever runescape version i want to play during my membership? - how easy will it be to swith between versions (via the lobby, complete log out, reloading, seperate windows, websites,..) Thank you in advance! I know I could also ask these things on the runescape site, but maybe you guys wanted to help me out quickly. Greetings, wozzels
  9. Wouldn't it be nice if you could access your costume room box/wardrobe/cape rack/treasure chest from your bank interface? On one hand it would decrease to go to your house even more than now but on the other hand, it will motivate you more to update to the best versions of each storage entity in your costume room. I suggest this because there is something wrong when people just store these kind of items in their bank instead of in their house due to conveniance. What do you think? It's a very small topic but still... Wozzels
  10. For example: - did I already bury the wizzard? -Did I do everything in the museum? -Did i ever own a shadow sword? -Did I did mjolnirs, unlocked mogres, all the balloon routes, all the barbarian training -Which D&D I never tried yet, which minigame? Because it is so easy to forget they even exist! Most of the time, you can check these things in game but it could be so much easier if all this information was centralized in one button on the interface or in a specific area in the game... Or also: can it somehow count how often I did certain games and diversions: -How many jade vines I already killed and replanted? -How many implings I caught in total in Puro-Puro? How many deliveries I did for the gnomes? - quickly check how many chompies I still need to kill (instead of checking your bow) - How many urns in PP? -How often you were a guide for temple trekking npc's? -How much manta's I caught in the trawler fishing game? -How many penguins in my rs career I spotted? - and so on.... That would be nice!
  11. It would be nice and conveniant if you were able to check which mini-quests, which D&D and to a lesser extent, which minigame you already tried once, or if you can repeatit, how often you had done so. I was scrolling through the list on the minigames, D&D, miniquest-page of the Tip-it website and for some I really had to think hard to verify if I had ever done them or not. That would be a nice in-game feature, analogue to the list where you can see which normal quests you alreaddy did. Just a small idea Wozzels
  12. In the tip-it guide on bakriminel bolts, it is clearly stated that these bolts can be used with a rune and/or chaotic crossbow. However, can they also be used on other types of crossbow, like the dragon crossbow, the royal crossbow, the crossbow from demon flash mobs, another one that i might forget? If not, it's a quite limiting use, especially since it also requires you to have 85 wc and 93 fletch. Thanks in advance! Wozzels
  13. In the heat of the double quest and glitchy botany bay update we might forget that there was also a change in the in-game map. The black squares (still visible in the tip-it map downloads) are gone and eges of certain areas look smoother now. But does this destroy the possibilities that these black areas gave on the map expansion? For example: now we know the posion waste is not that big, the desert stops shortly south of menaphos/sophanem, and the area east of piscatoris and north of priffdinas is just coastal, nothing more. South of MA the map also just rounds back to oo'glog. What do you guys think of this? No more map expansions like in the past (like gu'thanoth -> feldip hills -> oo'glog over several years)? Is it sad or a good thing now the map finally looks a bit 'complete'? Thank you in advance for your input! Wozzels p.s.: show the elven crystal city prifdinnas already! It's so long overdue it's unbelievable...
  14. I recently obtained 85 slayer, and now 86 slayer. When i got 85, you can guess, i killed abbys till i got a whip drop, which actually went pretty fast (250 kills). Sadly for me, whips are quite abundant, hence the price of 459k when i sold it. Then i moved on and now that i am 86, i see i can kill mutated jadinko guards (with a whip vine in their drop list according to this website). Since the price is still several million, i was wondering if it was just a rare or a super-rare drop. If it is just rare, i could try my luck to see if i can get several ones to gain some money. Any advice or experiences on these creatures? I know other methods of meneymaking are probably superior but if you reach 86 slay, you should try it at least once imho. Help very appreciated! Greetings! Wozzels
  15. Probably everybody knows to find all the different banks in runescape but what about the bank deposit boxes? Is there a location list of these boxes? How many are there? (including the 8 new ones from the last quest)? And how many of them are actually quite useful for training? I know the one close to BA is used by woodcutters, the one in LRC for miners but what about the pthers, including the 8 new ones? Thx in advance! :shades: Greetings Wozzels
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