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  1. Weird, I definitely don't remember that bounty thing, but that was a long time ago so who knows. Glad you're doin alright.
  2. O Hai. Still around. Feel free to hit me up in-game sometimes if you still play and remember me.
  3. Random low-priority bug report. Calc got me 16333 M / 16183 S for 20485 M/S voyage, and called it 79%. 16183/20485 = 0.78999267756... Jagex apparantly rounds (well floors) this down to 78%, while calc rounds up to 79%. I'm too tired to check the source code, but I'm pretty sure that JS arithmetic is precise enough to handle that. Also regarding the algorithm/efficiency discussion above -- last time I read the source code looking for ways to improve it (which admittedly may have been over a year ago), I remember that, although it is written with the obviously inefficient brute-force algorithm, it was very well optimized, and I really not sure if there is a better algorithm.
  4. I remember Fook. No one else is worth remembering. :shades:
  5. Here here :P We know you have plenty enough lol. Loving the old names coming out the woodwork. Have we all just been here silent all along thinking we were along without realising everyone else was here silent too? Not me... Adam (who I also haven't talked to in forever) messaged me in game alerting me to this thread. Its been far too long since I've frequented these boards, but maybe I will try to get back into it some time.
  6. Hi everyone, I am indeed alive (and as Oergg mentioned I do believe I saw him relatively recently). I am proud to have been mentioned on a thread as epic as this. I am glad that all of you are doing well :) I'm the young'in of the group if you don't recall, so I'm actually still in college. I'm graduating with BA in Math/Computer Science this May then starting a PhD in Comp Sci (Crypto) in the fall (not sure where yet, still waiting on roughly half my admissions decisions). I will do whatever it takes to avoid the real world for as long as possible. I've paid for members every month since I first joined in October of 2002 (little over a year after i started playing) and I have recently started playing RS again reasonably frequently (I've gotten 1-84 dungeoneering in the past 6 weeks or so). Feel free to hit me up in-game if you want to catch up, although I admit I play at erratic times--whenever I'm not busy with problem sets :( ~ PDJ / Mike P.S. You know if you gave Das and Merc a party hat each, you'd definitely have one left for me ;)
  7. On the brief guide at the top of the map, nazgul writes: I believe that "MUST" is far too string of a word, as it is possible to wear the muffs only only to get passed the banshees, and then switch to nosepeg for the spectres. Facemask is unnecessary--the smoke will drop u to 1hp, but will not kill you as long as you protect from mage so the spectres don't kill you either. It is dangerous, but effective for people who wish to train there before they get slayer helmet. example:
  8. I don't have one... the one time I tried I failed miserably and I've been too lazy to go back. Ive gotten 94 Fishing, 97 Construction, and I'm now nearly 84 Agility.. YAY gotta keep it interesting... almost 2210 :)
  9. Summer is generally a time for clan growth, which can sometimes cause unforeseen things to happen. A relatively unknown clan can rise to prominence, or a heavily watched clan is just never quite able to make the rise everyone expected. Of the clans you watched over the summer, which ones lived up to your expectations and which ones surprised you? Post your thoughts on what these clans did that others didn't.
  10. awesome... that is WAY more tree seeds than ive ever had o.O
  11. Well we do have Zezima, Uloveme, Madgamer2, other people like Bluerose13x, Empror1, PDJ, Matt258, Enipeus, LovveL (right?), Y2kadrian, Verie Bad, Elishot and probably alot more. It's not like we NEED more front-pagers/legends. ^^ But ofc its allways nice. :) Congratulations and Good Luck again. :P They have Tip.it Forum accounts, but they are smart enough not to post :wink: Are you implying that I'm not smart? *hides*
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