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  1. Oh godjesus... more people Hey gugge (everyone's favourite swede). Long time no read. Still loving cats I see (bloody things, can't stand them personally...). I hope all is well in RL. I miss the e-mothering. Pker_Dude_Jr - hello young man. Glad to see you didn't get swallowed up by the game. Can't believe you paid for p2p every month since 2002 though. Rofl. As for partyhats, something terrible happened to them. I just somehow lost them duelling and it breaks my heart. Oh no, what a tragedy. What's a man to do? Geez, I think I missed someone. Oh nm, we'll speak again in another 5 or 6 years haha If anyone wants to keep in touch, send me a pm and i'll give you an email or you can find me on /b/ under the name 'anonymous'. Oh my jokes... /nostalgia (for now)
  2. hey mate. I hate failbook and as such never use the thing. Email me on [email protected] - sometimes get on msn under that but I check that email at least every few days

  3. Dude, uhh. You got a facebook? Zack Lockeby. find me. im the only one. OH and this is Roach Eero.

  4. If it was an islamic country and not America it would be totally legit. Maybe the whole religion needs to 'have a seat over there'...
  5. What about when people know nothing about the rest of the world, and only know about their own countries? I think that's worse. I think it is excusable for people to know nothing about anything as long as they don't pretend that they know something about it. For instance, if someone doesn't know anything about events in Africa, but he just lives in his home in the hills of Virginia and doesn't really care about whats happening in the rest of the world, then thats fine. Its annoying though when people try to say something like "This is the best country!" when they don't even know anything about other countries... Haha that's very true. I was trolling on youtube the other day (as I do) and someone said to me "that's why everyone hates Australians". I was like "they do!? Why?". The answer was "because your country is so dumb". I couldn't argue with a fine point like that. As to the dude that carries a map, if you want to slyly expose some ignorance in a conversation, ask them "what country do you think is really poor and needs more aid?". Often the 'country' the nominate is Africa...
  6. What about when people know nothing about the rest of the world, and only know about their own countries? I think that's worse.
  7. Hey Dusqi my pommy friend, how goes it? So many old names, so little time... Congrats on the PhD (or soon to be PhD) - sounds really interesting. I enjoy staring at strangers and quietly judging them, so I think I should just apply for one of those PhDs over the internet. Once I tell them what I've been up to, the African People's University will definitely send me one. Vaseline? He was a funny dude with an even funnier name. I don't know why but being a guy that name always made me chuckle. Someone find him. Pker Dude Jr was a champion as well. I remember he gave me PK tips and explained prayer beasts to me when I created Pb_PK (Prayer Beast Player Killer, and also pb being the atomic symbol for lead... wow i'm so smrat...) Herr Lipp on SA forums? Lol that definitely sounds like him. Miss that bloke too.
  8. Oergg my pal - so good to hear all is going so well, almost a little bit jelly. Sounds like a great career path. Seriously, good on ya mate; I'm proud of ya. I loved the freak train pics. You know that was my original RS char appearance? Well before make over mage, I signed up and thought 'what's the most ridiculous looking character I can pick?' - so I chose a bald-headed black woman wearing the gayest-coloured outfit I could choose (no offense to gay Ppl of course - each to their own). Yeah, interesting choice, I know. I love how in one of those photobucket pics some dude is saying 'why is everyone a bald black chick!?'. THAT was the reason I came up with it; I thoroughly enjoyed the WTF's from people... GSM - totally remember you dude (of course). Cheers for popping in to say hello. When I started this thread I never expected to find the people I did (like your good self) and it's just an awesome trip down memory lane. I can literally smell the sawdust burning as the parts of my brain in charge of memory fire up. Give us a quick run-down of your life, if you don't mind :). Again, thanks for the memories. Anyway, I am no longer a customs broker; I got the [cabbage]s with the idiots and the shifty Chinese customers (no probs with Chinese people, but man, you guys are done shifty importers...). I assume Oz is similar to the rest of the western world where we buy their junk cheap, then add it to the landfill a couple weeks later. I used to get invoices with items that were prohibited and I'd call them up and say 'do you have an import permit because that's prohibited' and i'd get 'oh sorry, wrong invoice', then the prohibited items on the list of junk on the invoice would be changed to 'toys' or something else. Everything else on the invoice (Inc. cost and quantities) was the same as the last one. "hello, Australian Customs. I've got another shifty douche...". Lol funny times, but repetitive and having people think you're an idiot gets very testing... Sooo, now I own/run a small second-hand mid-20th century and designer furniture store. My parents have done that kinda thing for years and it's super popular in the works at the moment, so I opened up like 8 months ago. Feast and famine is the best description, but I love being my own boss and kicking out customers who piss me off. Alright, better end this essay - gotta wash my lovely dog (an American staffy female). I guess you yanks have produced something worthwhile afterall ;) Love and alcohol, Lead.
  9. Oh wow. My phone didn't load the rest of the msgs til after I posted. Oergg, wyrm - bwoah! Reading and posting again in a sec!
  10. How old am I? *remembers he can't swear* 30 just recently. Man, never thought it would happen - seriously, especially at the rate I used to drink; pretty sure I was half-cut most of my RS/tipit days. Hey, not saying I don't drink now (lol drinkin a beer now) but I take it a little easier these days. I'm a big, bearded dude, but still feel like I'm about 20. It's just ridiculous how quickly a few years fly by. Mad4u - another friggin blast from the past! I'm lovin how much I'm reminiscing by being in this thread. Glad to hear your life is going so well. Phd? Sheet, who woulda thought from a runescaper...seriously, good on ya. Very happy for you. Harro to 1manarmy. I assume you're the same one from way back when. Haha, again, lovin the nostalgia! Hope all is well mate. Missfrodo - not under a rock, just smokin some. Haha Jk... Or am I?... Rpggamer - quick, say something else nice about me! My ego is slowly deflating after all these years and needs a quick boost. Wise, phenomenal, sexually attractive to Jessica alba/Miranda Kerr (over SMG now...) or untapped genius are all acceptable descriptions of me. Das - still can't get over the fact you're not an annoying (in a nice way) kid anymore. I don't know why but I had this feeling I aged and everyone stayed the same... Ps. Did I mention I'm loving the catch-up? It's more fun than being a /b/tard...
  11. Harro merc :) good to see another face I remember - I know it's logical but I tend to forget we're all older now. Das even got admin; he MUST be older. Hahaha Gugge still play or just hang around forums. She was kinda like a mentor in ways - a cool person. I remember her name was pronounced 'goo geh' (from memory - it's been heavily abused this brain so it's not very reliable) and meant baby or something. Lol that's my bit of trivia for the day. Updates on Oergg yet? St
  12. HOLY HELL. I haven't seen you on MSN for ages dude. I figured i'd never see your ass again! I can answer any whereabouts question if you got a list of old people you want to know about. so so uh how you doing "Rsn" - Last time we spoke you were engaged? :P ~Das1330 Ps: It would take a spamming noob like merciful .5 seconds to ask for a hat - regardless, if you still got what I think you used to have, you are set for life - enough to hook up me and merciful. Bahahahahaha Bahaha Das my friend, how's it going champ? Surprised you're still here after all this time; that's some dedication! Yeah, I wasn't quite engaged, but apparently it was heading that way. After almost 5 years we parted ways, mostly because I didn't want to get married. The whole "I'm driving to your house to stab you to death" constant threats kind of turned me off being trapped in the same house as her. And the "I know where you sleep at night" 'jokes' got old reasonably quickly. But ay, I'm just too picky I guess... As for MSN, I don't even remember the last time I logged on to that. I started spending far less time stuffing about on computers when I used to spend all day in an office using one for work. I likened it to a chef coming home after a busy night and only being bothered to make beans on toast. ps. So what about Oergg? That dude was always a champion. What's he doing now? And Gugge and Lightning? They still kicking around?
  13. Would you consider drinking your own..... ? Surely that thought must pop into your head :o On Topic: Spending a long time writing a lengthy post for it to be removed for some trivial reason, or computer restarting. This has happened with long emails I've composed in the past. And when I say long, I mean over 5000 word arguments lol at drinking your own urine must have 'surely popped in to your head'. As for losing work after a crash or whatnot, I know what you mean. I learned to save my work after doing a job at my previous workplace. Most jobs took like 5-20 mins, but this was a mammoth one - just really involved and frustrating. Seeing as most of the jobs were quick, I never got in to the habit of saving until I was finished. So here I am, 4+ hours in to the most tedious job ever. I was hammering through it trying to get it done and get it off my desk, so it was a good 6 hours work condensed in to that 4 plus. Next thing I know, computer crashes. I lose it all. I swear loudly, knock chair over as I get up and throw the file in disgust. I look around to see the whole office staring at me. Guy near me says "somebody didn't save...". I just lol'd - it was that or cry.
  14. Haha yeah let's hope. I'm back from the dead like jesus (except I actually existed) - now where's the rest of the oldbies? To the dude who posted that youtube vid, that cracked me up. Well done. Hey misplacedme. It's been a while, that's for sure. Now where's everyone else? ps. Sorry to mods for the whole filter evasion thing. I see you guys are pretty strict on that now ay. Fair enough.
  15. Haha because no one else has asked for a hat since I logged on... But seriously, cheers for the kind words. I guess the new kids of today have no idea how it was. When blueroseX controlled the rune smithing market. When a rune hatchet looked exactly like a rune battle axe. When [bleep] wasn't stackable. When I could find my way around the [bleep]ing map! Okay putting phone down now. I'll get in tomorrow via pc Thanks again for the nostalgia
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