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  1. It seems you get more boot drops when you actually have 83 slayer and not pie-ing. lol. it seems that you should learn game mechanics more, here's a pic of me pieing
  2. what you do is take around 20 prayer pots, every time he attacks drink a sip, attack once, sip, attack repeat
  3. you need a pickaxe and a sapphire bullseye lantern. use the lantern on the wispy thing at the start of the tunnel. get to the other side, mine some stone, use a chisel on it and tada
  4. i killed a scorpian and got a green one from them. killed about 5 more, and got no more =/
  5. need level 19. i like scorpians. where would i find spider carcasses?
  6. ew ugly err....we're kinda looking at what the nechryeal is doing =P~
  7. the bow needs to fire 2500 times to degrade and scarabs might be a good alternative, they hit pretty fast. only problem is that they poisen and their quite high level or you could just take the shield to castlewars and keep running to other side :P
  8. sandwhich lady, ceters, and frogs. dr jekyll i can handle. just reduce them, instead of cancel them. i do like genies and the knowledge book or w/e. on a side note, i have not had a grave digger in months. sandwhich lady/certer + dagganoth kings = -.-
  9. i swear the one with the life rune on it will 'merge together' when summoning is released. Maybe the quest will involve putting the obelisk halves together?
  10. dont apologize to me, apologize to the guy you yelled at :notalk:
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