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  1. It seems you get more boot drops when you actually have 83 slayer and not pie-ing. lol. it seems that you should learn game mechanics more, here's a pic of me pieing
  2. what you do is take around 20 prayer pots, every time he attacks drink a sip, attack once, sip, attack repeat
  3. you need a pickaxe and a sapphire bullseye lantern. use the lantern on the wispy thing at the start of the tunnel. get to the other side, mine some stone, use a chisel on it and tada
  4. i killed a scorpian and got a green one from them. killed about 5 more, and got no more =/
  5. need level 19. i like scorpians. where would i find spider carcasses?
  6. ew ugly err....we're kinda looking at what the nechryeal is doing =P~
  7. the bow needs to fire 2500 times to degrade and scarabs might be a good alternative, they hit pretty fast. only problem is that they poisen and their quite high level or you could just take the shield to castlewars and keep running to other side :P
  8. sandwhich lady, ceters, and frogs. dr jekyll i can handle. just reduce them, instead of cancel them. i do like genies and the knowledge book or w/e. on a side note, i have not had a grave digger in months. sandwhich lady/certer + dagganoth kings = -.-
  9. i swear the one with the life rune on it will 'merge together' when summoning is released. Maybe the quest will involve putting the obelisk halves together?
  10. dont apologize to me, apologize to the guy you yelled at :notalk:
  11. i lol'd in real life. It like such incidences at primary schools in the uk where snow white and the seven dwarfs has a name changed as to not offend real life dwarfs.
  12. Not rude, you just asked a stupid question and were acting very arrogant. Why are you mining in a gas mask? I have to agree with Jordan, I don't see how what he mines in affects you? im gonna have to agree with jord aswell i mean, people mine/woodcut in whatever they want to. He might have just got clue scroll and needed a low grade metal weapon to do it, so hes making it himself and i was kinda offended by you suddenly shouting at jordan, as you seemed like a nice guy anyway. i love D2H. shame its slow.
  13. already been posted search is yoru freind
  14. most certainly will, as this is very rampant in WoW with 'twinks' that get expensive enchants and gear. but this time it'll be the case of 'who can do the most damage at level 54-55' but, as you get exp. for hitting a person, a person wont be able to 'bracket camp' forever
  15. decided to explore lumbridge when i first logged on, and i found a knife. now, its part of 10 i have in my bank
  16. guy said selling full veracs 4.2 mil it was 100k cheaper everywhere else, so i bought in a hurry. i wore it to see how cool it looked, and kept clicking veracs skirt to make it equip, but it wouldnt. it later turned out i had bought 2 by mistake, without getting the helm
  17. you seem to have mised out the pures favorite, climbing boots does recipe for disaster gloves have no defence requirement? it would be hard getting them with pure stats, but whats the highest a pure can get with 1 defence?
  18. i think resets and windbacks could be used if something bad happens on a mass scale, which would mean more grateful people in runescape (LOL) than angry ones, such as if the 'instant death glitch'came back but on a broader scale it would mean more people would of died than lived, meaning jagex would of saved more items than lost some for example, 3 people could be killed by it, losing 100k-10million worths stuff but at that time, a guy got a abbysal whip drop so the 3 people that regained their items would be happy, whilst mr. demon slayer would be unhappy. so it would be wise for jagex to do a role-back
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