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  1. replying to survey type threads
  2. Your eyes are brown. If you want details, let me change my last statement: If your eyes have green popping out in them when you wear green shirts IRL, you broke rule 1 because there is definitely no green popping in your eyes in any pictures shown. I never said YOU said that acting was the most influential business. It is definitely not one of the most influential businesses in the world. I listed like 20 more influential ones and could have gone on, especially when considering the backbone of every society being politics. Millions of children are raised each year without Disney or children's shows (even in the US) and I'm going to take a guess that they know "how the worlds works". Was the world in mass chaos 50 years ago? I don't think we learned about the mass genocides committed from a lack of actors in my history class... maybe my school was just very sheltered, though? This is all not to mention that almost all information is passed on and collected through text, where no acting or musicals are involved. Rofl, once again with the whole "you're opinion doesn't matter" thing... I guess that's an easy way to play off negative comments "ya ya well you dont know!!!!" haha As opposed to? Anyway, you say you are a character actor.. what the [bleep] kind of character would you be? Some gremlin? I saw your smiling headshot, you might want to not use that as your green shirt makes the green in your teeth pop. REALLY? You were taught by actors who won awards that were given out by other actors? That's quality right there. I mean there are, what, 20 categories of awards and it's been around for over 60 years, so it's really a select group, I surprised you were even within 100 miles of a Tony Award winner, tbh. Hmm... I get with very attractive girls who have high standards themselves, so unless I've been lied to and gotten extremely lucky my entire life, you are right. Yea, you're right... the facial features of models are really important... My bad I know my face might not compare to those men, but I might qualify. I just need a good headshot now (oh and one for my brother too)!! Topless pictures are not allowed ~ Rainy_Day To me, you seem nothing like a little fairy musical boy who has convinced himself that he will be a mighty successful actor in life, but will probably end up as a theater teacher at a middle school. You were probably told by your photographer what impression the images give to directors, and now are just repeating what she said. Take insults as something to work on, admit when you're wrong and get over yourself, seriously.
  3. Just because I didn't go to a class or website like eHow's "How to Make Headshots" doesn't mean I have no idea what I'm talking about or that my opinion is worth nothing. Your eyes are not green, they are brown. And if they are green, you broke rule 1. Your eyes say nothing to me except that you might have some asian in you and/or that there is probably a bright light behind the camera You've got a "degree" in the "profession"? Enlighten me haha One of the most influential and powerful businesses in the world? Name me one election that has been substantially influenced by acting. Will Smith made the most money as an actor in 2008. He made $80 million. Have you ever heard of Lawrence Ellison? Well he's an executive at Oracle (do you know what Oracle is?) and he made $550 million last year. And that's just one other business. Here's some more that are more influential: Oil & Gas Operations Software & Services Consumer Durables Food, Drink & Tobacco Materials Household & Personal Products Retailing Telecommunications Services Banking Drugs & Biotechnology Construction Financials Utilities Technology Hardware & Equip Insurance Aerospace & Defense All of those businesses have enormous amounts more influence than "acting", politically and socially... and I simply got tired of listing them but I could go on. Seriously dude you need to get over yourself ("clearly I've got something.."). If you want to make it in "the business" you are going to need to take criticism frequently and without the opportunity to respond to it. You look like you are very young but then you have a crustache. Your ears are elf-like, your eyebrows need to be plucked, you need to gain weight, and you should go outside every once in a while. Did you just eat a sour warhead, too? That's my opinion, of course.. this whole post is Criticize me or my picture personally if you want, but realize I'm not putting myself out there open to it. Not to mention, though, since I care about my body, I could get probably get farther in the business from that alone as a model, but I wouldn't degrade myself like that (or is that a different business? If so, are they also one of the most influential in the world?)
  4. Curse word = you are cursing someone damn = to damn someone to hell = a true curse
  5. Why is your username Deiophobus? Why not Bob2366 or warrior39838? Because it looks nicer? Because you like it? I mean it's just a username, a useless thing to waste time thinking about.. it does not matter, it's just used to separate you from every other user The same reasons I wear nice/expensive clothes
  6. Maybe you're just scared? What the [bleep] is that supposed to mean?
  7. I'm a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE more commonly) and its awesome, best decision of my life I'd say about half of my friends I made before pledging and the other half are my pledge brothers (with a couple other older people), so you definitely don't need it to make friends but it definitely gives you more. About 75% of my girl friends i met at socials/other greek related activities, though, so that percent is definitely helped through greek life (homecoming, greek sing, charitable events, parties/socials, etc) I have to disagree with people when they say "find the frat that fits you... join an academic one.. etc".. when I see people wearing the lame frats' letters (hoodies, shirts, etc) I go "lol" to myself and tbh I view those people as more nerdy than a normal non-greek person if you know what I mean If I were you, I'd go to your college's juicycampus (or w/e the new site is) and figure out what frats are top couple tiers, go to their rush events only and then choose from there. Sure, the pledging will be a lot harder but its worth it for the next 3+ years of your life to have a) sick parties B) hang out with the best sororities (socials and greek events) c) be more respected by other people on campus if you are in one of the top frats its also like a get-in-free-and-whoever-else-you-want-in-too card since they have bars at your house when youre having a party. so you have socials mon/tues/weds and then away bar at another frat thurs, party at ur house friday, and then another away bar saturday night SAE is a tier1 frat at my school but is temporarily on probation from some 17 y/o girl passing out at our daylong and before that, some hazing problems lol the hardest part pledging was the lack of sleep. the stuff they make you do really isn't that bad (most stuff id never do twice though haha) and dont expect to do any gay [cabbage] like people say. if they tell you to do gay stuff they are probably just seeing if you will or not to test your character and would never actually want you to do it
  8. 99 Herblore, Construction, and Mining all but rc/agility 70+ with a lot 80+ bank not that impressive but I would make it to whatever amount desired for an extra $7 per 1m I'd sell my account instantly for $1000 if it were not against the rules and $500 would be very hard to resist My Neopets account is worth over $1000 on the "street".. used to play it a bit like 8 years ago I guess and bought a weapon.. turns out that weapon is now retired (like party hats) and went from like 13m to 140m+
  9. [Confident] Hmm... occurred in the tip.it main chat: Forsakenmage Couple questions: Is that a copy of the entire chat or just me and the person who reported me? Oh and Anyone know who has 42 accounts from tip.it? Main topic of the thread: I personally do not report people that much. Do you? What about if they are a part of the same community as you (GWDing with you, a peer from school..... fellow forum member, etc) ... are you more lenient or do they call you Castro? Discuss.
  10. I have that same shirt! :o Doesn't fit, though. Heh, she's pretty. :D myspace angles
  11. Picture it as 2 cars stopped on a 4-way intersection. While the results are far less danagerous it's just as annoying. Except the 2 cars stopped would be half of the road and lets say your hallways are 10 feet wide, I doubt there are any people 5 feet wide to make that a good comparison
  12. Looks like a lot like the 2 step which I must say I have mastered pretty well its interesting how dances can mix between music styles song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TaAceHgyFE dance1 by black people: dance again: (50 seconds in) But to answer the OP most of my dancing now a days is just grinding with random girls at frats, which is the best imo I went to 5 proms senior year though and danced up a storm then.. from the 2 step to soulja boy (crank that) to birdwalk to leaning like a cholo to the booty pop to shaking it to destinys child to the crip walk....... and then to the robot, ymca and cotton eyed joe.............. and then to the infamous guido fist bump/guido interprative dance i get passionate
  13. One-arm hugs just work, only my "good" hugs are reserved for the ladies that I known for a long time ;) Or when I'm drunk, that requirement goes out the window. Haha of course all rules go out the window when youre drunk.. hugging your dude friends with less homo attached.. hugging girls you are meeting for the first time. Also, hugs become double armed, stronger, and with the girls i like lets say my hands go south a bit haha edit: i HATE it when the lightweight drunks become "clingy" and hug you, though, its like an annoying thing on your shoulder and you want to tell them to stfu and that they shouldnt be buzzed let alone piss drunk off 4 shots, but youre too nice Don't like to touched as in getting germs? :? And cmon guys it really didn't clog up HS hallways that much. Not as much as two people talking to each other. God forbid two good friends want to talk to each other in the time of freedom between classes. I hated when the kids with huge backpacks would plow through the hall on a mission (yes you)
  14. Are you guys like germ freaks? Every time I see a girl I know at college I'll give them a one-arm type hug, its just the normal thing to do I mean, you aren't going give to any normal a girl a handshake or a high five... plus when theyre coming over to pregame and stuff they can smell your subtle cologne that way I'll "hug" a dude on rare occasions but it usually means a hand grab first then like a hug (hands separating chests) with a pat on the back... extended for a couple seconds instead of just one pat and release.. haha
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