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  1. Not finished yet, accidentally hit submit. Bear with me! I have no idea if anyone else has already posted this or if it is in the correct place, but observe. From the tops of The Dev diaries Diary 1 Diary 2 Diary 3 The first hint that these pictures are related is in the image tag name, where they are called 'comic05a', 'comic05b', 'comic05c' and when it is released, most likely 'comic05d'.
  2. Lletya bank. It's scenic, there are NO noobs, close low-hassle utilities, and due to training on elves occasionally, i have far too many teleport crystals to get there (one invent space, one click, another reason).
  3. Great guide, but unfortunately due to 30 pages of noobs in the same forum who are deluded enough to call you a bot and kill you over and over and over and over, because obviously we are all bots. It's funny really, i never noticed i was a bot before, but by the amount of people screaming "d1e b0t beep bop boop l0lzors!!! rofl!! nub Gold farmar!", i must obviously either be a bot or a gold farmer, because those sheer numbers can't all be complete idiots and noobs, can they? Methinks jagex needs to introduce a non-wilderness green dragon area, that has insane non-combat requirements.
  4. The crucial point he missed out is we're friends, and thus insult each other all the time, in a perfectly normal internet-style friendship. In my defence he is as thick as two heavy-duty steel girders at some times \ Now where's that padlock?
  5. If you sell the bows instead of alching them, yes.
  6. Oh dear god i do apologise for my oafish friend, he just messaged me and told me he was trying to sort it out , i'll try and explain the situation to the best of my ability. We met a long time ago in r/l (i'm not giving details), before becoming internet friends. We started runescape together a loooooong time ago in 2003, my username was Analysethis and his was Purentity. He didn't get very far, and after playing on/off for a year or so quit. ~ Warp speed three years ~ After a fan community i was a major part of was hacked, i decided to start using tip it properly (i've browsed abselntly for a few years, never joined), and when i tried to register, my username was taken, so i settled for Analysethis2. ~ Warp speed a few months ~ During a messenger conversation about with purentity/'analysethis'/not using rl names, it emerged that he had created a Tip it account using my name a long time ago because he wanted to pretend to be me (Your guess is as god as mine on that one), and i told him that it had caused me a lot of annoyance when registering, and he apologised. Now he's done this and overexaggerated everything and made a total arse of us both, so please lock this sad little episode to your heart's content.
  7. Don't go to karamja when you need to harpoon the fish, teleport to cammy, walk to catherby and you can walk all the way back to Otto.
  8. finally finished it on 3rd attempt. Please don't mock my newbie setup for my level, i barely play anymore, and gave most of my stuff away. My 1st attempt was right after I finished quest, so I was totally unprepared, with about 6 monkfish, and no fighting armour, using my whip. I got to the third knight, before getting slaughtered with super low stats. On my 2nd attempt I brought some normal strength, attack and defence potions with the rest filled with monkfish. I Wore rune body, rune legs, Neitiznot helm, glory, zammy prayer book, boots of lightness and cooking gaunlets with my whip. Got to Lancelot with no food and under 30 hp, and didn't last long after that. On the 3rd attempt I wore Neitiznot helm, rune legs and body, Climbing boots, Barrows gloves, glory and granite shield, with a whip/DDS combo. I brought a 4-dose super set, Four 4-dose restore potions, and the rest sharks (and I REALLY hate fishing sharks!). I used the correct fighting styles, and on the crush one, did a few DDS specials, made sure he was poisoned, and ran out from the safe spot to hit him with my whip every 20-25 seconds, just in case. Finished on 50HP with 3 sharks left, and a dose of each super, with three doses of Restore potion left.
  9. the speak thing i the first i check... second i check the highscores..if only theire ranged is in it or hp ...then its almost certain a bot (and if you look at their names and how they look like) and they never say: give my arrows back!!! so i think its a bot.... : (how big is the chance to be a mod btw?) Reporting people for breaching the rules isn't necessarily going to improve your chances of modship. But if you are considered for being a mod, them seeing that you've reported those that need to be, would probably help along their decision. (Most mods origins are in the Official Forums where their rule abiding and mod-like qualities are more easily discovered) That last bit is sadly wrong, in game mods are NOT mods on the official forums, and forum mods are NOT mods ingame, as any Player mod or indeed Official forum mod will tell you (Am i either or niether, you decide yourself), hence the origins of the terms P-mod and F-mod.
  10. If black is sold out in the shops on your current world, hop to non-members.
  11. I think you should add a note to every level saying the if the level is required to start the quest, or just needed for part of it, as after Evil Dave's part of RFD, you can use the spicy stews to get up to 6 (yes, 6) temporary levels, although it may take a few tries. These work to bypass requirements needed for a part of a quest, but not bypass starting requirements. This is how i got a quest cape with 54 Herblore.
  12. I'm going to cut and paste what i posted on another fletch guide, saves time + effort. There is absolutely no market for longs (u) of any kind, and they will never shift, so always complete your bows. I suggest you work in 5k increments, because bigger than this you get bored very quickly, and the investments you make will be large (the market can turn on a drop of a hat, and you can loose money through a dip in the market). Always keep a decent video on in another window while flecthing (legal of course, what do you take me for, a criminal? *cough cough*), and resise the screen. I find that this is essential to ensure you don't just give up, because no matter how strong willed you think you are, if you sit in silence for hours at a time you WILL consider giving up on the final stretch (90-99). While stringing, work in pairs of 13, not 14, leave the last bow and string next to each other at the bottom of your inventory so they will not move , and click between the two. Other than the first click on the bow, always DOUBLE click (one to use the other item with it, and one to select it), as this easily doubles your output. When stringing, turn the sound OFF. I know this sounds strange, but you will find yourself subconciously slowing to the rythm of the stringing sounds, but these only sound every second or so, and you can go a LOT faster than that. 99 Fletch, look me up, my main is Analysethis, Tip it username was taken
  13. i get it sometimes while logging on to a bad server. The torches and login button stays, but the rest of the screen is normal.
  14. Guthix said in one of the old skool god letters (before postbag from the hedge, letters were directed at the gods) that his followers didn't need an amulet to worship him.
  15. I'll try and contribute if i every get a clue, but that's not likely with my non-combat status.
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