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  1. Plenty of good ideas in this thread, I had no idea that competition for Runescape bosses have degraded to this. Well, one thing people have mentioned is giving old bosses newer (and possibly more valuable) drops. This had happened before when the KQ had the Dragon 2-hander added to its drop table. I'm assuming everyone has thought of this in one way, subconsciously or not, but these problems came from the trade restrictions. Essentially being such that once your group got the drop(with the person doing the most damage seeing the drop), the person would sell it and share the money with everyone (I remember this happening many times, I was fine with it) or if one of us wanted it, they'd simply have to pay money of everyone elses' share. Converting a lot of the rest of the non-share/non-theme worlds (or making some worlds multithemed) would help, while leaving a decent amount for the people who want to solo at least. I'm not sure on how the servers are distributed in terms of the percentage of share worlds against non-shares, but conversion of worlds that aren't aligned would help at the very least for the meantime (since there would be more people gaining such levels and equipment to be able to fight the bosses.) Mixing F2P and P2P worlds may be against the agenda anyway, since it would revert back into the idea that F2P is just a demo. It's like having a fridge/freezer combination (where both are separate but the freezer supplies some cold air to the fridge) then destroying part of the separator and adding a grate. They already have existing examples of instanced areas, with extra additions to solve problems that arose from changes. One thing that may occur is if they used the code where graves appear outside the area (or in a specified area). If a player dies inside the instanced room then the grave would spawn outside, causing the problem of teammates wanting to bless the grave being unable to reach it. If it spawns inside, then there's the problem of the possibility of the person who died being removed from the room (by kick or otherwise, but if it's d/c, the person would be reconnected.) On the chance of the player being kicked, they wouldn't be able to re-enter the room they died in, and hence, unreachable grave. Well there could be a whole bunch of issues with death, but some of them are too trivial. As for the general gist of this, I'd support instanced rooms/bosses at least.
  2. They can hit 1, but rarely. Due to their stats, I think you need consistent 0 stats to be hit by them. Has the finalist playlist even been populated yet? I see 3 playlists (2 with 200, 1 with 109) which may be just the entries so far, but unsure why your video isn't being shown, perhaps they still have to sort through, since those playlists could just be the entries so far.
  3. I made this account after reading the "His Dark Materials" Trilogy, and one of the Djinni forms were a Raven of sorts (I forget, may have been a Crow) and it represented nobility. The basis of my real life name is "well born", also meanining "noble born" so the theme of nobility stuck with me. Considering there's an pop psychology thing about young people wanting to be badass, I was considering Flames to be part of the username, but a bird on fire was just sound odd if it weren't a Phoenix. On the topic of flames however, I was thinking of Hell, although I was not religious and didn't want to offend anyone majorly, so with the theme of Hell, I had the numbers 666. When I created my account, Raven666 was already taken (this was during the time between the Bunny Ears drop and the Scythe drop), and all the suggestions were using my real life name. I decided to add an extra 6 on the end, so there it is. I had 2 previous accounts, similar story, explore, then die, then ragequit. I only faintly remember their usernames had to do with Animorphs or my email address, however i've forgotten both their passwords. Oh and another note, if you add the numbers in 666, you get 18, which becomes 9, however if you add the numbers in 6666, you get 24, which becomes 6.
  4. Actually, my method was: Login to one of my 10hp/1def accounts. Falador Farm has a few highwaymen -> I let them hit my newb account to 1hp -> try get a chicken to ko. The past 3 or 4 times i've tried that was actually with a 2 defence account, and i've healed to the point where I have to run again. Still gotta look through some of my old accounts to see if it's viable. ~Edit- Keep in mind i'm currently F2P on all accounts. Also, it was meant to be a PSA, but i'm tempted to turn it into a Rickroll or a Surfin' Bird.
  5. Well even still, if you let someone fast-track into using up the level 3 and 4 resources, and the level 1 and 2 resources are still there (not mentioning what happens with the level 5 items) then there's a chance that once they're done with what they can for resources, they might use up a portion just wasting them in combat. If there's only one person asking to a group, then it's fine, but on the other way around, not fine.
  6. Procrastination. That's what's been stopping me from doing my own. That, and it's pretty hard to die to a chicken. Also, my ideas from the start aren't all that entertaining, it's some in-jokes.
  7. Even if you lost the password to a classic account, you wouldn't have anything on it, I distinctly remember JAGeX making us tick the option of changing things over to the RS2 accounts when there was that limbo. I got back a hacked account sometime last year or the year before, but it seemed to be wiped. I asked around and was reminded that we were meant to tick the option to change the items over, hence reason why my account never got the stats/quests set.( I lost it pre RS2-beta as well) If I'm wrong, meh. On another note, if we were able to input our email addresses and get the accounts connected to them, i'd be able to find the account I used when I started in 1999/2000.
  8. Pretty sure their official stance is quite weak. A major exception is if there is an adblock in place, but you don't know how to change it (such as if you have proper antiviral software and so forth.) Anyway, I could just re-do a .html file to only open up the world screen, not too hard if I get my sourcing right,
  9. I don't have membership yet, but if I did, I'd be doing a guide for this quest. Eh, I'm busy anyhoo. Whoever finishes the quest, pm me spoilers please?
  10. I'm upset because it rules out fire striking. Now what am I to do with my surplus mind and fire runes? FYI: AME = Anti-macro event = Random event.
  11. Making a program that could "crack" (via bruteforce) a bankpin wouldn't be all that hard, as long as you have the recognition programming built in too. I forgot the limitations on bankpins, but in a case, the pin could be cracked overnight or in 8 hours. His fault for getting hacked, either from his own insecurities, or otherwise. Like another poster, the password mightn't have been secure. I've used the same password for the past 2 years and it's under 10 characters long, however it is alphanumeric, which makes it just as hard to get through. Also, no pic no proof, and in this case, you're recounting what happened to your friend, meaning we don't have any solid verification. Considering you're trying to say something about a friend, but you end your post in "discuss", as a way to not have it moved off gen disc., it also shows a certain alienation towards your friend. Seems like you attempted to skimp out on words, that, and it's like telling a mod to do their job better, you already supplied statements which could be discussed. Also, as he messaged you on fb, it would more likely mean you know him irl, hence a stronger relationship that an anonymous*anonymous style, yet using a messenger program wouldn't be all that hard, there's a bunch which aren't cpu hogs, and also, ff3 hogs your cpu. There's no lead-on from the intro you supplied, the anecdote of 88m, if you wanted your argument to be stronger, you would've at least shown a screencap of bankers shouting it. You also talk about hacking in terms of rs, this is the bottom of the pile type of hacking one could do, even for any profit, although yes, some people are allured to it, but people can just use other forms to black-marketedly make money. On the security side of things, using multiple antiviral programs helps, I use a combination of the default one on my computer (my brother put it on), spybot s&d, malwarebytes, hijackthis and a few more. I was able to get rid of a dns hijack last year, and trust me, even they aren't easy to get rid of. A simple scan can show it's there, but you'll need more than just the inbuilt cleaner to get rid of it. On a technical note, keyloggers have evolved past their old meaning (keystroke loggers), and yes, they can take screenshots and record mouse movements. JAGeX knew about this when implementing b-pins so as to be able to know a degree of preventativity to take. See the always-random (in terms of random, don't be an arse and explain there is no random in a computer sense) placement of the numbers(that is, the order and where they are in the clickable area, and not to mention the white-outing of the number when scrolling over.) You're also forgetting that a keylogger can either be soft or hard. I know of a bunch of hard keyloggers, and some basic components of them to know that they can be somewhat caught easier than a soft version. I won't bother coming back to this thread, don't care.
  12. Complaints were inevitable. It's in the bloody human nature to complain eventually. As for the good part of a BTS, it helped people theorise in preparation for the updates. It also helped people prepare for the larger updates (I hope to TPTB that anything big will definitely have a month-ahead warning in terms of DD's.) Imagine if we didn't have a BTS on Godwars and the Godsword, the Summer Quests (and Spirit/Corporeal Beast) or even WGS. But looking at the magnitude of those updates, one hopes that a Dev Diary would be released well-ahead of time. I joined the P2P side of the game in about 2006 or so, mainly for the quests and what they offered in terms of skills, areas, items and just things to do. Eventually I caught onto minigames after I readily beat quests. A win-win situation proved available for me last month, as some of you may know that I was going overseas (and not within foreseeable contact with a secure computer), and hence did not renew my membership for that reason. Also there proved to be a major lack of worthy updates too. The updates only had one thing of major importance, the lack of any quest. With a BTS, it somewhat affected my gameplay in terms of monthly hours, basically in terms of a to-do list. Without it, I was building up my character. However as I no longer really need to build up my character anymore as being content with it's stats, playing RS has a lesser meaning for me. What I'm thinking of is the quality of updates now. We might have less updates that please the general population, or adversely, more. It just all depends on time right now. We just have to wait and see.
  13. Today, I didn't play, similarly to the past 5 days. Before that, I didn't play for close to a month. Although from the look of the updates and thereby lack of, February wasn't worth playing anyway. Soul Wars seems tempting for me to return to P2P. Don't have enough time to play anymore for any part of the membership to count anyway.
  14. Ok, initially most of this is decent, especially how they're trying to link Slayer and Summoning further. One problem I saw being ranted about on the RSOF was recharging the helm if you were in the area in which removal = doom. Easy way to fix it would simply have a spare helm, which would make not too much difference. The spells reorganisation was always thought to be just more when it was hinted, perhaps it was just rushed, or pre-emptive to see how it'll be for other forms of organisation.(Such as F2P spells, P2P spells, Law Rune Spells[already covered with teleports], Nature Rune Spells, Cosmic Rune Spells), but having it to carry over onto other spellbooks would be difficult, namely Ancients being either Combat or Teleport, and Lunar being a wide mix of utility spells. The F2P access to Teleblock is not surprising, but it's taken them a while. The bad thing is that a lot of players tend to fight right outside Lumbridge Castle, which can double as an easy way to remove the 10 second timer. Simply either using just a door, or a door + ladders. Good thing Teleblock has at least kept it's standards. Too bad that there is crappy mage attack bonus gear in F2P, meaning you'd either have to be entirely a Mage Setup, or no armour, both of which leaves your Defence stats to the wolves. For the LS radius, it was more of a fix so it would be a proper radius. I always thought of the old radius as a square, but now they might've just changed it to be more circular. For the Gnome Glider interface, i'm assuming when moving your mouse over an icon, it's more readily highlighted, but no big difference if you already use a Custom Mouse Pointer. I was waiting until we had another option on the Duelling Ring, Heck the Games Necklace got CLW and BH, I wonder if the Duelling Ring would give us another option, so it'll be a standard 4-tele Jewellery. As far as I've seen, the 50/50 games were hardly any different, you just need self-control to go through them. For the flower duelling, I never used it, I always Air Striked (or Stroke) for the Hotspot Time. As for not having a partner at times, I just alch away, since there's some hotzones where there's a slightly more difficult to reach area. Reading from the KB, it seems as JAGeX(or whoever is really in charge now) still wants you to build up time, even though they prefer you to go skilling instead of idling. Also, it seems they might've removed the Potential Decrease while in Safe Zones, to attract more bank-heavy operations of skilling. Even if you remove Air Strikes, you could still Air Bolt instead, Air Strike is just used a lot because it's simple enough. Mind you, wearing the certain armour setup would mean the majority of your spells would splash, hence you could Fire Wave Splash if you had the runes to spare. Makes no difference in removing simply the Strike spells. As for the Seers Diary chatter, I would of expecting something as well. Seeing as Varrock Diary has gotten the teleport to the Grand Exchange if you've completed any part of the Diary, Falador might as well get a Teleport to the White Knight's Castle or to one of the banks as a changeable option, and Seers being able to teleport nearer Catherby or perhaps inside Camelot Bank. This would certainly fix a PVP misuse of jumping those who teleport into those areas. Falador being right into a safe area, and Camelot tele being either right into a safe, or a variation in which it'll be harder to jump. The best thing would've been an easier accessibility to FoG, but how would it affect CW banking in terms of memory placement (of where the click-confirmation was) and the distance to the bank. Of course FoG could be worse as the Banker is not a chest, and he does wander, despite in a limited area. A positive would be the ability to check your GE offers though, so it seems a decent alternative at least.
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