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  1. Haha, I googled flubber12 and found this: I was dead-on on the look :P
  2. I don't remember too much, but I saw flubber12 everywhere. Seafoam green shirt, seafoam green pants, green short hair with scrunched looking face. Why is my brain retaining information like this.. I'm thinking maybe he/she played on the same world as I always did (18).
  3. >war tort it's clearly because he's botting and just toggled off the paint :roll: notice the 2 fally tabs when he only needs 1... one of the more popular and flawless free frost bots withdraws 2 fally tabs instead of 1 every bank trip and sets up your inventory in that exact order and withdraws 1k cannon balls every trip. That exact spot his cannon is sitting on is one of the 4 spots supported by the bot. it also doesn't support a yak yet, hence the war tort and the super blacking out of everything. It doesn't say that detailed of information in a bot description, unless you used it lol.
  4. Thanks for the info, i've been staking high lvls left and right now. Having fun.
  5. I'm lvl 119, maxed. I want to stake people, but every single time I go to stake someone in arena, they say "no gtfo maxed". Or they advertise that they won't fight maxed users. Sometimes I get as far as them putting up the duel menu, then they decline. I just want to have fun staking. Where do I find people who will actually stake?
  6. Where do you find people to stake? I'm lvl 119 maxed, and I go to stake people and they put up screen then automatically see I'm maxed and decline.
  7. I'm not going to continue on with these arguments and quoting previous posts. I'm just going to make a few points and go on from there. You said you have restrictions on "her" computer. Meaning she has her own computer. I bet it's in her room too, right? 10 years old is not too young to be able to figure out how to bot. I started botting when I was 13 (late 2002 or early 2003) with SCAR, SlaveIT and AutoRune. Back then it was way more complicated to get a bot up and running than it is now. So it wouldn't surprise me the least bit if your child knew how to start up one of the current bots. I'm not sticking up for jagex in any way mind you, just stating some facts. Every parent knows what's best for their child, but especially as a father, you should be more weary. At that age, she should have access to a computer that is in a public room of your house, not one locked away in her room. I doubt anyone here even remembers this or was witness to it, but back in the RSC cheating days, there was a girl who stripped on webcam for rsc gp.
  8. Your ignorance amazes me. The reason it was good was the community, which isn't there anymore. If RSC was opened back up to free players, and access was never limited to a few times a year, a lot of people would play. This was proved when Reines made RSCDaemon, the community was awesome, but Jagex shut it down. The best thing on rsc was the pking. F2p pking was so amazing. The reason that rsc will die again before the registrations open again is because the game sucks without a community and right now it's mainly just rs2 ppl checking it out for a few days then they'll quit. Back then you couldn't really make a living from soley doing combat, now that's pretty much the best way. Back when mining and fishing were actually some of the most profitable things and actually worth the time to do, not to just raise the levels..
  9. I've been ranging chickens from 1-20 range. I don't remember what's the next step, should I already go to the jail?
  10. Stats are 40 98 1 right now. I'm training str atm to 99.. After then I wasn't sure what I should do.. I'm 1 range and 1 mage so I can't really pk with those stats. The only type of pking I've done so far is F2P, and it get's lame cos of 40 def people and only having 40 attack I can't hit at all. So I was wondering if I should get attack up to 60 and get claws or even get up to 70 attack.. Please give me advice. Btw I'm 1 prayer.
  11. I'm ethologist. The best I've ever gotten was 328~chins an hour. At the best spot, with a low lvl hunter hunting with me. At today's prices that is 264k cash an hour, but you will rarely get that much. I average around 70k xp an hour easily at 99, but at lower lvls its around 35k if I remember right.
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