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  1. Thanks, Chao. The new banner rocks! (The old one was getting a bit stale) You make simply great banners! :thumbsup: Thanks again. Syrup
  2. Maths sucks- hope you did alright. Took me 10 minutes to do one question. :shock:
  3. I didn't even realise you had a blog, mate. 96? Holy bovine, that's sweet. :D
  4. OMG! Gawd, I'm sorry, Zaaps. I went and missed your 85 mining. :ohnoes: Shoot me if you like, but please, shoot straight.
  5. I'm back for good this time. Sorry I was away for so long. My computer mouse decided that last night was the night it had had ENOUGH of co-operating with me, and the cursor kept darting all over the screen, so fast that I couldn't control it. Today, I have a new mouse. :)
  6. That's the more extreme end of the scale, but I've had that happen as well. Pleased to see that 'tis only an offshoot of that. :)
  7. I was just playing Runescape, like I normally do, when I looked to the left of my screen and noticed the thing which I've outlined in red in the picture. The graphics do not seem to have kept up with the fact that my character had moved out of Lumbridge Castle. (This was in Low Detail mode.) Has anybody got any ideas as to what this might be or why it might have occurred? Thanks, netron28.
  8. I do not recall having said anything about Runescape being a place to practice grammar, I just said that Jagex perhaps encouraged bad grammar with their censoring system.
  9. Go for it, mate! Keep going. You'll reach all your goals eventually.
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