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  1. Thanks for all the posts guys, I would just like to let you know that I have officially quit RS for probably a long time (sorry Jagex... Xbox 360's games>RS). I am still able to answer almost any question you have on PC so you can still post questions and also you are still able to rate my guide. (@pirate_felix: My honest mistake, although I dont think I will be fixing it and not to many people should care much :P, but I still love the suggestions in case I ever decide to update my guide a bit!) Again thanks for the rates and posts and I'll look forward to more :D!
  2. I guess you are right, it used to not be this way. I stand completely corrected, thanks for the tip :D! Also to posters ahead, I know stuff about the new Morphic armor and I am testing it. EDIT: So far to my knowledge of the armor is NOT worth it. If you have some data to prove different I will warmly welcome it as I have only tested the Range set (excluding bow) so I sure of the actions with the scimitar as well.
  3. I know a lot of my pictures are out of date and I very much appreciate this info as sometimes I dont know them and then it can be very helpful! :D A bear mask is for the defence as you can already get through a game without running out of prayer. You can get climbing boots with one attack, you just have to buy them off GE As for the Sara/Guthix/Zammy mitre for a mage you dont even need to have any prayer boosting gear to get through the game with the Mystic Prayers activated. Again thanks for the feedback!
  4. For one a picture is the best way to help people understand a guide, if you dont like them look at the graphs and tables that substitute for pictures. Also PC is still the FASTEST way to get combat exp in the game, my estimates go for people who have average stats (80-90s). At 99s you can get about 110-120k exp an hour in an expert clan. Therefore PC is still the fastest exp in the game (dont question me on the armored zombies, I wrote a guide on them.)
  5. That information is already in my guide :P But thanks for the post! :D
  6. Thanks for the posts!! :D @Rock Cakes: The ones you get from the ogre city below Yanille break after you eat them once and therefor aren't worth it.
  7. Thanks!! And hope you have a great time PCing :D!!
  8. Oops! This guide was written before they came out so that's why I forgot them :\ I'll update that when I update the rest of my pictures and text. Thanks for the Post!!
  9. Why not?? Whip is the best weapon for training in the game, and you can train Strength on the Controlled attack with it. There is also the option of training a different style in the PC minigame and then spending points on Strength. Why is a Whip better than a Saradomin Sword?? Because it has better accuracy and strength when combined with a Rune Defender, therefor making it better than the Saradomin Sword. If you are going for only Strength training then it would be best to train with a Saradomin Sword or a Godsword But thanks for the post.
  10. To you and the player who posted above, those numbers are edited, although nothing else is. I'm surprised how many people have thought I'm like some macho billionaire :P And thanks for the posts and rates!
  11. Thanks for the post above :D! I have a request for anyone reading this guide. If you know you have a max suit fixed (like the mage suit needs the arcane spirit shield) PM me on tip.it or on RS and I could work out a deal to get a picture from you. Thanks :D
  12. Nice guide. Maybe add Runescape minimums too? I know it would be a lot of work, but I think you could do it.
  13. Thanks for all the replies. Just make sure you do not post on the few errors I have such as the regen bracelet being the best and arcane shield and a few others. Note that NONE of the new armors an weapons are good for PC as they degrade over time and therefor are not worth the price.
  14. Gratz on the SGS!! And what zombies? :D Armoured Zombies after Defender of Varrock quest, profit a few charms and 100kxp/hr. :thumbup: :D Maybe I'll try and train there *steals Harts armored zombie world *
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