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  1. I can help aswell GT: Steeeves
  2. Makes the system run a little faster especially dashboard, and when playing games they run alot smoother through loading times and checkpoints.
  3. My dad just bought a Ubisurfer Netbook. I can't actually figure out how to connect to my home's wireless internet. When i try it gives me the following options then asks me for the wep key, but none of them are working. Just says failed to connect to AP. These are the options that come up on the screen: OPEN/NONE(infra) OPEN/WEP SHARED/WEP WPAPSK/TKIP WPAPSK/AES WPA2PSK/TKIP WPA2PSK/AES OPEN/NONE(Adhoc) WPANONE/TKIP cheers
  4. I think it looks nice especially better looking than the stock case, and once UV Green is shining out the front it will look better. Besides goes with my black computer, tv, surround sound etc. Fits the theme :wink:
  5. Let me just start by saying there is nothing illegal about what I have done and NO microsoft cannot detect that i have changed my case via XBL. So I have been fixing Xbox 360's for about a year now, took hundreds apart and repaired. Well my Xbox 360, got the RROD. Due to the fact it was over-heating due to continuous use and the fans were starting to sound like a jumbo jet. I came across a website selling a replacement case for the xbox 360. I thought ok, ill give it a shot.. After changing the thermal paste on the CPU & GPU, I heat flowed the motherboard and that was it alive again. I replaced the stock Xbox 360 case with the alternative and instantly noticed a difference. Apart from DVD Drive noises, which can't be helped this case made my xbox 360 SILENT while playing games from the hard-drive. Just a few bits and bobs about the console and case: Console: Premium Console Motherboard Model: Jasper RAM: Updated to 256MB from 128MB Age: 7 Weeks Old HDD: Internal 120Gb Dvd-Drive: Samsung Lite-On Case: Lian Li PC-XB01 Cooling: 120mm Fan with holes for water-cooling. Material: Aluminium Cost: 98 GBP Here is a few pictures. ________________________________________________________ FRONT OF THE CASE ________________________________________________________ BACK OF THE CASE ________________________________________________________ SIZE COMPARISON TO STOCK CASE ________________________________________________________ HEIGHT COMPARISON TO STOCK CASE ________________________________________________________ INSIDE CASE WITH AIR DUCT ATTACHED ________________________________________________________ INSIDE CASE WITH AIR DUCT REMOVED ________________________________________________________ DVD DRIVE AND INTERNAL HARD DRIVE ________________________________________________________ XBOX RUNNING (CAN JUST MAKE OUT THE RING OF LIGHT) ________________________________________________________ I have green Cold Cathode lights which I am mounting inside this case and will upload more pictures once that is done.
  6. Aka_Chao

    Childhood Games?

    Crash Bandicoot and Croc FTW!
  7. Ah.. I experienced this problem for myself and after a good few days of testing various things within my xbox, found it was actually the RF Modulator. (Small board with your ring of light). This is known to play up and send signals to the controller to turn them off, open the guide button or even send you to dashboard in the middle of a game. If the problem persists my advice is to look for a RF Modulator, which will thus mean taking your xbox apart, and replacing which will void your warrenty. You can actually get pre-modded RF Modulators with any colour LED'S for the ring of light aswell which is always fun... On the other hand if you still have Microsoft's useless warrenty send it back for repair and if they try to charge you, threaten them with the Sales of Goods Act, and threaten to take them to court. Lot's of people got free repair's this way.
  8. Full heroes like all heroes have prestige armor in your Hall of Monuments? And just realised how the current charr effigys look in game, STRAW VOODOO MEN PLZ. But thet almost owned me in CoF D: Yes, having, for example, full minipets, or all heroes, all destroyer weapons etc gives you good rewards in GW2. If you complete your hall aparently it goes to Level 2 and you can rearrange the hall aswell :
  9. Aparently, having a full hall of heroes and having max titles gives rewards when it comes to GW2. Can anyone confirm this? And if so anyone want to raise titles or nething pm on TIF.
  10. Hello, i am thinking of making a rune pure, but am wondering what are the best stats to have when maxed, thanks
  11. Aka_Chao

    Project 360

    I am using the Arcade console Jasper Motherboard, 65nm CPU and 65 GPU.
  12. Going by my impressions of Guild Wars Prophecies, Factions,Nightfall and Eye of the North i would say the game is in very good hands. Guild Wars is a huge success, the graphics, gameplay, community etc is all great. I have actually heard would they are using new server equipment to minimize lag as much as possible, whether it is true or not, we will have to see.
  13. I have also heard this but still question whether it will happen or not. However i do know there is a program that you can download on your console and it uses a different server than PSN and XBL so you can play games such as CoD together. Ill try find a link or something. Note: this is illegal and can result in a console ban etc, so i do not advise trying it.
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