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  1. get 99 everything, only 59 levels to go! (except those 59 levels are the most expensive and tedious levels i'll ever get)
  2. Forum Name: Aaron642653 Rsn: Aaron642653 Pic: http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/1923 ... 653up8.png
  3. the special on ruby bolts does additional damage on creatures and takes away some of your hitpoints to do the damage, with his hp so high (it has to be at least more then 700) he manages to hit incredible numbers
  4. oh wow, that really is a lot better thank you! [hide=Side Note..][/hide] and to musky, i dont usually make big deals about 99s anymore ever since i got 99 fishing. I'll tell you a story, i had decided i was going to throw a huge party at trawler to celebrate 99 fishing and im thinking at least 30 or 40 people showed up. i had just fished my last shark (about 30 xp left until level i think) and i decided to go to the bank in edge (why edge i dont know) and get out some fancy outfit. Then a cat appeared. Thanks to that stupid cat i had got my level in edgeville bank minutes before my party. (on a brighter note im betting i was one of the first to not only get 99 fishing in edgeville bank, but also get it from evil bob) and the moral of this story? poison that damn fish so that cat never wakes up again.
  5. Well from the moment i woke up today everything just seemed to go my way, my college had a water main break so i got to skip school; so i decided to get my 99 summoning. Not too many people were on but a few friends of mine turned out for the level. even got a visit by ol' cap'n hand to get right in the way of the shot, lol rest of the day me and the guys decided to goto clan wars and the duel arena to see how the steel held up, but no one bothered to fight the titan and just killed me instead. One of my friends did manage to hit a 144 on him though! (he actually hit a 150 as well, but i didnt get the screenshot in time) after that i tried to get various dragon eggs but to no avail since it seems all the dragons in runescape have at least 4 people to every one dragon, so now im trying to get a black dragon egg. Wish me luck! And to finish the day we went to saradomin to show a friend the techniques....and it went terrible. i ended up almost dying and both of them ending up teleporting. the second trip however.... (also a few shards but i dont count those) But enough about my day, how was yours? just got my baby black dragon!
  6. there are a lot that do, i updated the list to show that, please tell me if im wrong on any of the figures
  7. i think abbys are probably a waste of time, killed about 80 so far with no luck at all
  8. i heard infernal mages drop them as well, anyone care to confirm?
  9. i hate that the amount of charms they drop are rediculously low, i can understand it with the higher levelled charms, but things like gold charms should at least drop 4 or 5 at a time
  10. besides those mentioned in the kb, has anyone found any monsters that drop decent amounts (or any?) im currently fighting abyssal demons hoping to get lucky, anyone have any luck? Current List Lower Levels <50 Bloodworms (from barrows) Druids Wolves Abyssal Guardians and Walkers Monks of Zamorak Medium 50-100 Jellies Kalphites Ogres Tzhaar Skeletons (level 76+?) Ice Warriors Earth Warrior Zamorak Warriors High 100-150 Aberrant Spectres Tzhaar Mummys (103+) Black Dragons Bronze Dragons Very High 150+ Iron Dragons Steel Dragons Mithril Dragons
  11. i never understood why myself, ever since i heard of that spot thats the only place i'd fight abyssals, its such a perfect spot especially compared to the slayer tower, but i dont let it get to me, more for the rest of us with common sense :P
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