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  1. i definetly found nightfall the hardest, maybe partly because i hadn't adapted to solo legendary yet (as in the most efficient way to kill things), but i think it is definetly still pretty hard!
  2. Im gonna presume this is in reply to what i said, in which case thanks a lot!
  3. Just a minute ago, i loaded up my reach as per usual. When i loaded it up, it offered me the screen that was first shown to all of us, about 'joining up to the unsc' and giving me the option to be a male or female, not paying much attention i just clicked male and continued on my way. When i got on i found all my armour had reset (+emblem and colour). I still had my unlocked items and credits so i wasnt bothered, along with my rank. My one problem is that it completely reset my campaign process, i had already done most the missions on solo legendary, and now it looks like i have to do it all again! Anyone got any advice on a way to revert this?!
  4. Really hyped about reach - except my xbox is messed up (or disc maybe :/) so i cant do campaign yet, but all the multiplayer ive done has been insane! Lots of the people ive been playing against have been pretty bad, and me and may friends are pretty good (one of my friends getting onyx in the beta and the rest of us getting gold), so its been awesome so far!
  5. Planning on doing a tree run (5 palms, 5 yews), then gonna hopefully get 70 construction, and at that point i have no idea...i'll probably just do agility seeing as goldsmith gauntlets wont be working
  6. Gratz! i have an untrimmed hunter cape aswell and its pretty awesome :) nice to see you did it legit aswell like me, sometimes its disheartening to see bots getting it while you did it yourself, but its nice to see someone doing legit :D
  7. congrats :) ive got my gcse results next tuesdaym which im kinda worried about if i want to do what i want for a level :/
  8. silasinth


    Herbie Hancock :)
  9. I dont know if this had been answered yet, but the yellow one which is smirking is the revenge medal
  10. Congrats, I have: 1520 of 1750 for Halo 3, and 750 of 1000 for ODST =/ I should try and get as many of the Halo 3 achievements as I can, as Halo 3 multiplayer begins toning down when Reach comes out, for ODST it isn't as bad but still. Missing most of the Vidmasters, and Legendary/Mythic achievements. The big factor for me with ODST is the Audio Log achievements and several firefight, including all of the 200k point ones. Hopefully I can find a power cable for my Xbox soon since there is a month and a half before Reach releases. Cheers :) The chasm ten one is getting annoying now, my friends who i did all the other firefight achievements already have it, and my twin (whos normally pretty good to do it with) keeps on failing, we can never get past set 1, and last time, for my 4 deaths he had 9 >.< (and 4 is pretty bad anyway normally!). I would do it myself but chasm 10 is just so big its pretty ridiculous. Im just gonna have to beg my friends to do it with me, but i just wanna have all the achievments now :( Edit: Done chasm ten now, 1750 on halo 3 and 1000 on odst!
  11. Finally got the overkill achievement and now im 1750/1750 on 3 :) Had an oddball match on guardian, i messed it up with the bubble shield, but got 2 kills from an ar + well placed grenades, then picked up the ball from the second dead guy and picked up the triple and over :) Now im only missing 200k points on chasm ten on odst and ive got all the odst/halo3 achievements ! :)
  12. I hope so, ive got perfection now, and the 2 odst ones are easy...that basically means overkill achievement and i have them all, but i never get the oppourtunity :(
  13. Im 1720/1750 on halo 3 (missing overkill and save this film) and just missing 2 of the firefights and naughty naughty on odst. I remember bungie saying that you could unlock armour in reach depending on your waypoint level (and i dont realyl halo wars so i wont max that out), but does anyone think you might get special armour for maxing out each of the games? Its just im so frustrated with trying to get overkill that i cbb with it anymore :(
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