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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. This isn't a favorite skill thread. My favorite skill is the most fun skill in my opinion, but someone can think Dungeoneering is the most fun but hate training it. What skill is the most fun for you? Agility for me.
  3. 1) Ring of Charos 2) Tele tablets 3) Summoning. Imagine a steel titan popping up in the middle of New York. ftw?
  4. I would buy 99's in this order: 1) Construction 2) Crafting 3) Smithing 4) Herblore
  5. I did it legit, which i'm kind of proud of, because thats becoming rarer and rarer. Like everyone is botting hunter. It's so easy to tell. Sometimes on crowded worlds I see level 3s with random names in larupia walking in the same exact pattern. And sorry for posting this in the wrong section. I'm new to this forum. :)
  6. Woo. Will help with my powermining granite. Wish me luck on 99 mining. :o
  7. I'm not high enough mining yet. After I get hunter (in 30k exp), I'll powermine granite to 80 then do LRC gold.
  8. I did this before the exp bar came out. I just looked at my exp in a skill that I was training. "Oh I'm gonna hit a 0 even though I just D claw speced. FML."
  9. I'm currently working on 99 hunter! As of now, I am 37k experience away from 99. :D (Don't look at my signature. I haven't logged out in a while, so it hasn't updated. :S) I've been working on this for 2 months, and it will be my first 99. :D I'm not having a party or anything, I'm just recording a video of it. I'll post it once I get it. :D I can't wait to wear the cape. I'll look hot with full void + untrimmed hunter cape. I'm going for 99 mining next. >.<
  10. Well, I can't imagine it ending any time soon. But I can't imagine it 200 years in the future. I can't imagine Java as a used programming language 200 years in the future. RuneScape will eventually decline, to the point that Jagex can't afford to host it anymore. But, I don't know how it will end. If it does end, Jagex will still continue making other games though (Stellar Dawn, FunOrb, etc.). It's a sad thought though.
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