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    When I work it out you'll be the first to know.
  1. yeah go on then i will dip it in my tea
  2. i got my place at university :):) how did everybody do? I hate to pee on your parade but don't use so many smilies, haha. -littleboy
  3. Hi, I'd like some help finding a dedicated group of GWD raiders looking to do regular raids on the dungeons. I've done some looking about, but most clans seem to be Pk based, and tbh I don't want to join a clan really, just find some like minded people who want to earn a few highly priced drops if you've any advice, or indeed are in such a group, please post here or add me on rs, my name is Ace Is Back. :) cheers.
  4. Hi, as the title mentions I am looking for either a clan/group that regularly do GWD raids, I am UK based, but am not fussy about times, 4am raids are good for me. I've played RS for more years than I can really remember, about 7 I think, i've never been a no-lifer so my stats are OK but could be better for somebody who's played as long as me. My RSN is Ace Is Back and my private is always on, so if you're interested, PM me. Cheers, Ace.
  5. To be honest, there were other kids that probably fitted the "that kid" mould better than I. But I am occasionally off my nut. I just get bored and also, I have a knack of not getting in trouble. I am very good at science, I get A's without bothering to listen properly or anything, but I spent year 8, 9, 10 and 11 science classes getting myself in trouble. Actually year 7 aswell. Year 10 I should really have been excluded permanantly after I started a fire inside a bench full of gas pipes. I did a shot of hydrochloric acid to prove to my mate it was too diluted to be of any use in the experiment so we shouldn't bother doing it. In year 9 Geography, when a few of us knew we weren't taking it the next year we would just sit there and I would lead as we sang "Big Bang" songs, like "Have you met miss jones", "Beyond The Sea", and our personal favourite: "Come fly with me". I wasn't allowed in my form for about half of year 10. And theres loads more but in all honesty, you wouldn't believe half of it and and I wouldn't expect you to. Ironically my prom is in 7 days time and I am going to pick my suit up tommorow. If you knew how close I came to not going you would know the exact size of a gnats testicle.
  6. Kidnap>Persuasion. Tell Sting I say hello :lol: /lol. Wow, seems like a lot of people are science orientated, that's the way I would like to go too, infact I have a science exam tommorow morning :shock: Biology and Chemistry are my preferences, but tbh I am unsure about whether there are any sort of jobs as a "scientist" lol. Where do they work? Who for? Anybody know?
  7. Erm, well, in the UK we can legally drink at 18. But I illegally drink now. I suppose I'll go order a pint in the pub and actually produce legitimate ID. Then go clubbing. Then come home and play runescape. I always play runescape lol
  8. Can I ask the obvious question. Rushrock, are you Coxless? *stifles childish giggle*
  9. My favourite team in the tournament are France. At the moment I am sitting here in my brand new France top :) I am 100% english and love my country (and football is almost like a religion to me sometimes) but I have french in the blood from my dad's parents, and I love the country. It's language and culture are brilliant in my opinion. I think Croatia-Holland final, Holland to win. Spain runners up. Germany fourth.
  10. Rowing. :P Cheers, all I know about rowing really is Coxless and Cox. One has a man at the end one doesn't. Tbh I struggle not to giggle at the men's Coxless fours.
  11. Well, I was thinking about this the other day. At the moment I am finishing my GCSE's, (one left on the 20th June) and after that I am going to college to study English Language, Philosophy, History and Biology. It's coming up to the time of year that people make the jump from primary to secondary school, secondary to college, college to uni etc. People are doing final exams and years worth of work is culminating into 2 hours of looking at a paper. Who is doing what? Exam wise. When are all you tifers who aren't in England doing exams, how do your exams work? What are you hoping to study next year, where are you going? Are you lucky enough to be finally rid of education all together? I look forward to reading your responses. Nick.
  12. For anybody who doesn't. He dies in the end. Painfully, and slowly. My favourite series is the dark tower series and I have only read up to "Wizard and Glass" which I believe is 5/7. Or maybe 4/7. The Narnia books pwned when I was young, really got me into reading and readin tought me too spelle reallye welle.
  13. NickCini

    A kiss?

    I didnt read past that. No you can't. Chance she likes you. "More chances you take, the more you score"- Thierry Henry. Good luck, report back with success or failure. [/thread]
  14. Heabutted somebody in school, there wasn't really any justification at the time. And he was a very non-violent person. Or, setting light to some magnesium and putting it in one of the bench/desk things that are full of gas pipes and litter. Almost took out a third of my school and killed 60 plus people. Was one of three and let one of the other guys confess and then played down my part. Or, taking a tile out of the celing in science, signing our names on it. Coming very close to not going prom. To be honest I could go on. Putting my finger in a car ciggarete lighter when I was about 12. Only the other week I squeezed a glass I was holding and almost cut my index finger off.
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