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  1. Really digging the new album, especially Slomo. Glories (post-rock) released a new EP earlier this year. The build-up in this song in particular is great. Unreqvited, a one-man atmospheric/post-black metal project from Canada, released a 5-track split album with Violet Cold, A Light In The Dark, Show Me A Dinosaur and Sadness. Violet Cold, another one-man atmospheric/post-black metal project, from Azerbaijan, released a new EP this year (not from aforementioned split album). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0nErR-nb3Q Chelsea Wolfe released a new single. Wy, also.
  2. Azvareth

    10 years

    I joined Scapeboard back in 2002 (13th September I believe). Started playing RuneScape in 2000 or 2001, played for roughly 3-4 years. Not sure why I still come here, but I tend to log-on maybe once every few months - suppose it's primarily to see if this place still exists.
  3. Augmentation/ripped-skin tattoos to me are the tattoo equivalent of Affliction shirts. The Mandalorian sugar skull idea sounds sweet though. Do it, post pics.
  4. What are you talking about. Those are usually the best tattoos. The best? That gross generalization. However, long term I feel the can be the ones with the least regret afterwards (if one has the propensity to regret such things). Not really. The best tattoos I have seen tend to be the ones with absolutely zero personal meaning behind them, other than "hello tattoo artist, do something cool on my body", or "hey this motif looks dope, go wild with it".
  5. What are you talking about. Those are usually the best tattoos.
  6. I bought 24 bloody games, 80% of which I probably won't ever play. God damnit, Valve.
  7. I've never met a tattoo artists that does free sketch-ups for strangers. There's a reason the consult meet comes with a 50eur fee, it's to ensure the artist gets at least something out of it should the costumer decide not to get the tattoo. (You'll get the 50eur back once the tattoo is done.) So yeah, it should at least cost you 50eur. Might be less. or more, depending on the artist. But 50eur is standard.
  8. Never really followed Giant Bomb that closely (mostly because of the website's confusing UX) but I was nonetheless really, really bummed when I heard the news of his passing. I've always enjoyed their Quick Looks and that was mostly due to Ryan's hilarious and intelligent commentary and infectious laugh. Every person I've heard who's ever met him immediately really liked the guy, dude just exuded tons of energy and compassion. He died on his honeymoon. Christ. I listened to their most recent bombcast where the other members of the GB crew shared their memories of Ryan. The last 4 minutes are absolutely heartbreaking. He's shaking babies in heaven now.
  9. Did Ondrash make that? Looks a lot like his style. Examples: Obviously ages very poorly but nonetheless a very cool and creative tattoo style.
  10. Vertigo, your piece is getting progressively sicker. Can't wait to see it finished. Also, post bumtats.
  11. Isn't this fandom just as insufferable as every other fandom? And don't pretty much everybody agree with this? I'm just wondering where the discussion value of this is other than people going "lol thems some weird people taking a cartoon way too seriously *plays minecraft 60 hours a week* *poops in sock*". That said, the series itself is probably quite important and it's good that it exists.
  12. Much like Vertigo this is sadly the most exciting action this thread has seen in half a year.
  13. Absolutely. My point wasn't that having a tattoo with a backstory is dumb, not at all - rather that it really doesn't matter in the end; a turd will always be a turd regardless of the circumstances behind its inception etc. And like Vertigo said, to someone who appreciates tattoos as an art form, their pieces will always have meaning and some sort of reasoning behind them, but that meaning and reasoning usually don't stretch much further than "I really like the motif" or "it's hilarious seriously look at the lil' piggy". And whether you like it or not those reasons are literally just as viable as a tattoo that pays homage to a loved one, or to a special moment in a person's life.
  14. I've never once gone "oh that horribly disfigured blob you had tattooed on yourself in your friend's kitchen for a fiver is now magically no longer a horribly disfigured blob because you just relayed to me the essay on the Meaning Behind It". A shitty tattoo is always a shitty tattoo. Not that you necessarily should tell someone their tattoo sucks, mind you.
  15. Who says a tattoo has to mean anything? Certainly no tattoo artist I've ever talked to. Why can't it just be appreciated on its own, like any other art form? Anyway, good job on dismissing an entire style of tattoing that is thousands of years old on the basis that "you've seen a few ripped dudes with tribals".
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