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  1. Well this is just a short idea and isnt much but when u go on the main page there is a loggin thing like the 1s in high score or forums when u use this u dont have 2 log on 2 anything else it will go staight to the forums or your highscores or staight to runescape Just a thorght :-w
  2. Your ideas are gr8 it could b a quest series the first quest the have to choose which team u will b with. Then thru all the quests u have 2 stick wit tht team
  3. if it will make the higher lvl games 2 easy make the monsters super high lvls :twisted: spinner lvl 300 #-o
  4. if it will make the higher lvl games 2 easy make the monsters super high lvls :twisted: spinner lvl 300 #-o
  5. i aint bein having a lucky day i got loads of rubbish slayer tasks including 60 green drags :( but i got 64 str :thumbsup:
  6. they just want runescape to look more modern but i never go to varrock now i became member :? go varrock anyway
  7. the willow roots are used in elightened joureny if u havent done it
  8. sounds sweet i'm no gd at big parts so if u need a extra or a tipiter i'm always free :thumbsup: RSN:Concret pred Role:Extra/Tipiter Would i give it my best:Defintly but my brother might hog the computer Am i prepared to practice:Yep
  9. Farming takes a while but takes not much work while herbalore is my opinion
  10. mayb it is the grand tree but..... only the true master of woodcuttin can cut it :ohnoes:
  11. i only play it for its gr8 mage xp :XD: i got like 4 lvls up in 2 hours not as gd for ranged
  12. i was pkin wit a few mates and 1 said how he was the igher lvl of the group and tht he could kill us all then he died first and i teled away and i still hav his bones 2 remind him not 2 boast
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