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  1. We shall see when the skill comes out :P It also has effect on your combat lvl so... :o :D : :thumbsup:
  2. Untrimmed HP cape Herblore cape Smithing cape
  3. Rune (t) full helm Rune plate Amulet of glory Rune Boots (all at first and last pk)
  4. Ranged lvl: 73 Weapon: Karils Crossbow Ammo: Bolt racks (duh) Hit: 15 (lol XD) Prayer/pots: none
  5. early enough to be the first one who posts :D :P
  6. All my friends and me wishes Tip.it, all RuneScape players and everyone on this planet Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Next Year we will slay more monsters, chop more wood, mine more rocks and many many more.
  7. I always fight them, and yes, they could get out all the time even before the update.
  8. Ive done that quest the same day it came out. I went there to get the last body parts. Got a lot of agility exp every hop or move. Could this be the new agility arena??? (maze) Will people train there or it even could be a slayer maze!!!
  9. after all: the godswords raised more then they are dropped
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