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  1. "Mmmm agent flambe`el(sp) "These weapons they just so powerful" "There going to have to glue you back together.....IN HELL!!!"
  2. Gives silver a good gimp in the thigh for no apparent reason. :P
  3. I mainly agree with you.. Gangs give people a sense of belonging and purpose, and sometimes people join gangs just for protection against another gang. :shock:
  4. MY dad was a combat medic in Vietnam, so he basically taught me everything I know. I'm even thinking of going into the army for combat medicine as well. :)
  5. \ Preach it, brother! I as well am dead scared of birds. Especially Parrots, Geese, and Seagulls.
  6. Well It was during a game of football while returning a punt. This one guy made a bad diving tackle towards me, so I juked out of the way. But he managed to be a hand right on my football pants. As he's going down he yanks and BOOM! I literally get pantsed in front of 1,000 or more fans. Then my coach chewed me out and refused to put me in the rest of the game. :(
  7. Ugh, not another orf the skillers gone wild. :x
  8. WEll this is just a topic out of curiousity of what level you did dragon slayer at. Personally I did it at level 60 something. This was the only time I really got interested in defense at all. Which is why I needed the Rune Plate.
  9. I have 2 My first one was when I was about Level 20. I had just turned f2p and I had just killed enough men to save up for a steel longsword. I went to the duel arena to test it out when I met a level 97. He challenged me, putting up addy platelegs. I accepted and we went to duel. He was nice and let me kill him for the legs. Then I went Louie Leg's Shop, sold it for 2k and went up to Varrock to buy a Mithril Long and fire staff. :D My second is when I was around Level 50. I only had 12k, mithril full helmet and a couple ores. I wanted to buy this guy's rune longsword. Amazingly enough he accepted my offer and was able to sell it for 30k. I felt so rich! 8-)
  10. Arrghh I'm gonna have to vote Pirate!!! All you ninja scaliwags bestgrab yer big swords n go home before yee walk the plsnk! :twisted:
  11. 1GB Onyx MP3 Player Pittsburgh Steelers Hoodie Wireless Xbox360 Controller Madden 08 for 360 2kg Sleeping Bag Headlamp $30 ITunes Gift Card $25 Amazon GIft Card $20 Target Gift Card And stocking stuffers
  12. Yeah, I joined three years ago and it was just as noobish back then as it is now. :P
  13. Senior Citizen or not, he still grabbed you by the throat which is blatant assault if I've ever seen it. :P
  14. I only ever did LSD once and I will never do it again. Hallucinations are probobly the scariest thing that ever happened to me. :(
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