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  1. If you have the requirements you can do Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf for around 30k hunter exp. I'm getting the quest cape again and I had to do Deadliest Catch recently and Hunter is my lowest skill other than dg and I despise training it. Makes me want to stab something. Really nice stats though and good luck!
  2. Physics 5 Lit 4 Comp 3 Calc 5 Bio 5 US 2 WH 3
  3. For Whom the Bell Tolls or the Sun Also Rises. I'm reading Freedom Summer.
  4. Oh my gosh, another DIY thread. I almost smiled for a second. Love DIY threads. A DIYer with level 50 in every stat is more interesting than a max-stat blogger.
  5. Is doing things against people against the DIY unwritten laws? Like Conquest.
  6. You're quick. Looking forward to reading more. :) Love DIYers.
  7. Hello, I quit Runescape in 2007 and I've just recently come back and I've been playing since classic. I'm an above 18-y-o student looking to have some people to talk to and partake in activities with. I go to Louisiana State University and I'm a biological sciences major in the honors college. I like animals, Runescape, music, and a certain girl and I occasionally draw. My total is around 1750 though I'd like to be in a clan where that is irrelevant. I'm always willing to lend anyone a hand if it's within my ability. I've been back since June 15th, and I plan on sticking around for a while. My username is D the Tiger, previously Dustin the g. I may change it in a bit anyway. Anyways, I appreciate any and all consideration. Thanks. Here's my blog if you'd like to post or get to know me better: http://forum.tip.it/topic/295850-d-the-tiger-9-days-in-92-firemaking-97-fishing-on-my-way/ I'd be willing to submit to any and all interviewing, and initiation process.
  8. Better than me, heh. I only have 120 logged games. :( 70 are wins though so I'm at a good percent. We should still play.
  9. Pretty sure I am dumber for having read some of the comments in this blog... ANYWAYS. Cool stuff, good job, good luck.
  10. It's a girl! :( I ain't never gunna be inside another man! Got a firecape :) I like how you admit to your homosexuality. It's okay, the people here at tip.it forums are here to troll you and make you feel worse about it. :) But seriously, I love League of Legends. Don't listen to the hate! And best of luck in your endeavors! Mixed signals.. :( Would you like to play some time? ;) Maybe O: I wouldn't want to shame myself with showing how unskilled I am though :) I'm not very good either. Right now I've been maining Miss Fortune as opposed to my normal Amumu. I like her alot. I get my kill-thirst quenched and I'm not too squishy early game but I'm still not the greatest with her. We could play for giggles. It'll be fun. :)
  11. Thanks. Read some funny quotes, turns out they were from here. Figured this was the place to be.
  12. This page needs more love.

  13. I can feel the love in this thread.
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