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  1. Bonus Weekend Results: 63-65 Farming (+2) 62-76 Herblore (+16) 69-75 Crafting (+6) 61-66 Summoning (+5) 72-73 Magic (+1) 63-64 Agility (+1) 60-65 Smithing (+5) 62-71 Fletching (+9) 60-61 Runecrafting (+1) 60-69 Construction (+9) Total of 55 Levels. This pushes me over Goldbranch for #3 (known) DIY in game :D Made my gilded alter + 11 glories which opens alot of doors for me, and now will be getting 61-70 prayer tonight from bones banked from killing greens (used hides for the craft levels). Also did a few quests and the knight training ground to unlock Piety, so will be piety slaying with the 750+ pray pots made during weekend. Back to normal :D
  2. Oh bonus weekend, how you will fire me forward this time...
  3. Thank you! Catching itam has always been my goal on this account, as farfetched as the idea seems lol. I love competition, so the higher his total level is over me, the better :D
  4. Nice clues there Lily :D Keep up the good work!
  5. Did some quests including Summer's End, 61 quests until cape, time to finish 60 all.
  6. 12 more quests completed: All Fired Up Clock Tower Elemental Workshop 1 Fight Arena Hazeel Cult In Pyre Need In Search of the Myreque Observatory Quest Olaf’s Quest Perils of Ice Mountain Rune Mechanics Tears of Guthix In Pyre Need gave me 66 firemaking too. 208/319 Quest Points 71 Quests Remain
  7. Pending on tasks, 70 attack may come tomorrow :D
  8. I sure did! :D and ty! Ty! UPDATE: 1 No update for a few days, but I have a big update now :D 1600 Total! Did a ton of quests including Heroes, Underground, Legends, all of RFD minus the final battle (Still need to do Desert Treasure but don't have 75 wc for the 12 magic logs). Been in a big questing mood, but got me to 192 QP now. Back to slayer now :D
  9. Good start, tomorrow I should be getting quite a bit of woodcut done :D
  10. Oi! Get back to woodcut :D But on a more serious note... Get back to woodcutting...
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