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  1. Hi I'm back now, was gone for a month or two lol... ran outa money for memembers
  2. Hey guys I know I havent been on much cuz of school but I went on for bxp and for some farm runs to prep for it and druids 2 so here is some of my herb lvls:
  3. props on diy! visit the fc "super diyer" someime, like to talk to new diyers
  4. hey guys, was killing hobgoblins for trading sticks/champscroll/herbseed/herb drops and I got my first item from the super rare drop table without an row! fire titans here I come lol and while getting agil up so I can use shilo village thing I made some friends at the wild agil course: (yes that is one of them about to dds me lol)
  5. Hey guys I was making some skull sceptres and guess wat drop I got!! addy med woo!! o and after some slay I got this: ...aaaand 2nd part of intro vid up!
  6. Hey guys, decided to get 40 defence today, also picked up a nice few talis, chaos and an extra cosmic, as well as an elemental tali Oo o and firsty diy intro series up as well: couldnt get it to embed so just click the link ^^ http://youtu.be/d5OpBjZc2Qs?hd=1 also, just bound fractite platebody in dunge woo!!
  7. **** START SPOILERS RFD DWARF PART 2 **** [hide] so i started off talking to dude in the underground place under wwm, but it turns out he gives u recipe for the rock cakes... ....FAIL TEUTONIC!!!..... okay so all that watchtower quest wasnt for nothing good mage xp anyways I digress lol so first up I got him to tell me to go to sunrise inn place which I happened to have memorized was in fally (omg im so sad) lol so I bought the secret ale thingy and made one to give to dwarf ...but to my surprise the greedy bastard wanted more!!! so i stocked up to 4 more and luckily that was just enough to get to the next part where he asked me for ingredients (this is getting a bit repetitive storyline lol) and I gave but couldnt pick up! so I tried putting water and ale on it but that didnt work lol and finally I figured out that I can use gloves to pick it up >_< . so then I took it to the dwartrf frozen dude and almost keeled him w/ the cake lol but the mysterious gypsy person (MGP) told me to go to an icey place and I was like wtf... wwm or ice mountain? so I headed off to ice mountain first and droped it on the snow and picked back up but that didnt work ofc it wud in real life lol but jagex dum and then i tried using on icefiends and deadf trees and oracle but those didnt work. so I went to wwm and did the same exact things but those didnt work either. so then I went baaaack to ice mountain and decided to kill an ice fiend to see wat happened and to my surprise it worked lol and the cake cooled downn and I finished quest!! ****END SPOILERS RFD DWARD PART 2******[/hide]
  8. woooooooooooo effigy finally made a thread lol! and gz on all the pro stats :o
  9. Okay so I decided to get some good rfd gloves to get a chaos tali to get rc xp from what lies below to get 43 rc to get nats to buy laws so I can tele around and stuff. :D so my first step was to do fishing contest for dwarf rfd... ********WARNING QUEST SPOILERS FISHING CONTEST********* [hide] Okay I done this quest before so was pretty straightforward. Just went to dwarf n got him to tell me to fish for him (after a few epic fails in the dialogue...really wanted to call him a short man >:D lol). Then I went to fish and stupid dave dude beet me so then I asked him and he told me to go to old fishing dude (ofd). So I asked ofd wat to do to win since he won 5 times in a row or something and got the worms and garlic like he said and bam: ****END WARNINGS FISHING CONTEST**** [/hide] okie and now the corresponding dwarf rfd quest: *****START RFD DWARF (PART 1)********** [hide] okay guys I only got so far before I realized Im gonna need rock cakes: and so now ima do watchtower quest so I can gain access to the area u steal rockcakes from lol.... ****WARNINGS FOR RFD DWARF (PART 1) END******** [/hide] *****START WARNINING FOR WATCHTOWER QUEST*********** [hide] so to start off before the quest the guards wouldnt let me up into the tower... lol [flashback]I remeber last time I did this quest took me *forever* to find out u could climb up the trellises in the back, was searching for openinig from the town walls n stuff.[/flashback] But this time was easy. and I started quest! so first off I searched bushes and found a bunch of evidence but stupid wizzy guy (SWG) descided to just throw out all but the fingernails... then told me to find stuff from local ogre tribes to get into wierd to spell ogre city (WTSOC). [flashback] I remeber took me forever to do this as well lol imagine 5 hours of running around yanille, looking for ogres... the last one was hardest, turned out there was a tunnel near the skogre place[/flashback] ok so I can remeber 2 of the spots well but I think there is 3 ogre tribes I need to find.... Okay got asked for favors by some of em, and so I went off to get this dudes gold and some other dudes tooth... but on the way to the tooth, after pro safe spot ninjaing and ogre for his tooth drop, I got k0ed by a ogre for 60 then 6: all I lost was big bones lol and free tele to yanillle woo Oo ty jagex for new grave system lol okay so I got 2 relic parts and went to SWG to identify them hoping those were the only parts for entrance to WTSOC but turns out there is a third... ima go ins earch of yet another ogre. first stop: place I died... hopefukly that ogre there will be one of the 3 that gives parts. ....oooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffffffffffffggggggggggg.... he wants fking dragon bones... wow and im cb 48 atm >_> gf watchtower lol. time to go get mah sling and keel some blues... 70 agil ftw :) here is a pic of my gear I used (0 food and 34 range >_>) me killing it: teh loots: ok after I handed in the d bones for relic part, I completed relic and got access to fiorst part of WTSOC. ...aaaand I got meself a rock cake for l8r :) had a bit of fun w/ the guards... and then got this riddle... omg I liove riddles and I forgot the answer to this one :) so fun okay I lied I remeber the answer now lol, its like a rune chaos or blood or something w/ combat... heres my analysis of the puzzle: d e [a || l] [h || o || t] [[h || a || e] [r || i || n || g] [u || s || h] n [e || a || r || t] from the first letter I deduced it was death rune >_> ... luckily I got a few of those banked from monster drops. on the way back I pickpocked some dudes for triangle sammiches and got loot from a gourmet imp a tuna lol. food for the final boss battle thingy. and wooo got skavid map! now I found one skavid cave blocked off by some ogre dude and he wants gold bar... luckily I got banked! <3 diy :) now im trying to figure out how to learn language but after I found mad skavid he was giving me same message. I trieed the tunnel nearby and it got me to yanille :/ whoops. woot finally found the skavid that speaks english! :P gonna larn dat language lol this is to record while im doing quest to make it easier for me: cur bidith->ig gor cur->ar bidith tannath->cur tannath gor->nod wooo got mad skavid to give me crystal and naow he tolds me to go keel shamn thingys and so ima go to wizzy to find out since thats wat it saiys in journal me preparing for final boss thingy where ima get owned by shaman and find out I need special potion iirc... me almost died... but now need to go back to wizzies for to learn how to kill and luckily I knows the sekret bak exit >:) so I need guam, jangerbarries, and ground bat bones... jangers banked from wen I visited a ogre :P but guam and bat bones i need to get D: after a semi profitable herb run on chaos druids I got like 4 guams and :o 2 lantdaymes save those lol now i go to morgan lefaye place to get some bat bones... ill save one for excalibur quest. lol time to get it enchanted and keel some ogres >:) ...annnd after using potion on em I finished quest!!! ****END SPOILERS WATCHTOWER QUEST****[/hide]
  10. Your first DIY got unjustly banned/stat reset because you didn't do randoms? Or? Nah lol I just did a random without thinking and got the reward once and then I was like omg Im not going to restart *again* klol.... The reason I quit the original diyer was because I didn't want all the free xp from minigames and D&D's... I was getting like 50 herblore levels and rc levels from just pengs, was kinda ridiculous and felt cheating. and now im finally back after about a week break... spent this entire week doing bum bum bumn agil!! so after doing barb a few hours to get 52, I started at agil course. Died like 10 times lol and im at german world btw so everythings in german, and here are some pics: ...must resist picking up huge tuna stack from pk'ed person lol me nearly dead (this happened a lot >_<): and finally, 70 agil!!! woo time to do mm for ape atol course :) (yes I do realize this is in german lol)
  11. hey guys just sold some shilo village quest items to artifacts dude and got free 1k! heres pic: and now... okay never mind, fishing interupted with smithing for dunge ^^ and ofc MITH HATCCHET WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT~! Okay some first max hits coming in... currently krat 2h + weak pot gave me this awesome hit: o and I got this cool new title: and um I needed some fletching and runecrafting levels for this beast I found, like twice my fking level on a small dungeon...
  12. july 18 3:46 pm *WARNING SPOILER ALERT* Shilo Village quest *WARNINING SPOILER ALERT* DONT CLICK SHOW UNLESS YOU DONT MIND SPOILERS FOR THIS QUEST! [hide] EDIT: Added show/hide functionality for quest things. okay guys this is my first quest adventure thingy like in the poll but im doing post quest instead of midquest so I hope its not too bad lol so first off I got the wampum belt and went to ra ta whatever temple thingy, and since I done this quest about 3 times before I knew exactly where to get all the items and stuff... kept getting comboed for 40-50s tho lol. O and btw im doing this quest cuz im only got like 30 salmon left total and 1 trout :/ XD . okie so then I took items to whats-his-face-jungle-potion-dude (WHFJPD) and got him to cough up all the secrets about the items n got bone shard. Then without skiping a beat I used fairy rings to get to bel-whatevers tomb place to get more items and took thsoe to WHFJPD again lol and then stocked up for some fites and headed to big boss queen's (BBQ - as in about to be roasted :P) lair. but to my astonishement I needed some bones to enter D: ! sooo after failing killing a zombie and getting poisoned I deviced a clever trick to safe spot just skele near the tomb : and a bit of payback for stupid zombie: ok so after getting 3 bones from those stupid skele dudes I entered BBQ's chamber and... killed BBQ not 1, not 2 but 3 total times :/ with poor mans range gear I mite add (studded full n sling) then I collected the corpse and used on bev-whatevers tomb to seal off BBQ's evil side or whatever it was to happily save a village of.. what 10 pixel people? I feel so accomplished (sarcasm). Cant wait til I get to saving all of runescape :( *END OF SPOILERS* Shilo Village quest *END OF SPOILERS*[/hide]
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