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  1. pm me plox i must know how to do this, <-is already killing white berry botters for cash
  2. how well would ancients work here? Does anyone my cb level 105 ish bot here that i could kill?
  3. good guide short and to the point :)
  4. might try this soon, too bad most tifers are terrible pkers :/. might try hitting up the new tif clan and see if they will start doing this soon if they won't pk :)
  5. the name of this thread is full of win
  6. Racer434

    AP Exams

    thanks for the advice everyone :), and ya i know in hindsight i should have studied more lol
  7. Racer434

    AP Exams

    I took the AP exams recently and they aren't everything i hoped for. my scores are us hist-2 micro econ-2 english lang- 3 psych- 3 world hist-5 i'm considering retaking us hist and micro econ next year as a senior. They are free to me anyway with my income status but i'm wondering if its worth the effort to add on more retake ap tests to my already packed testing schedule next year with more AP and IB tests. If you have any sort of advice or are familiar with this form of testing at all let me know below. I figure most runescape players are pretty smart academic wise :)are
  8. are broads still good? they would cost less than addy
  9. If they introduced a chaotic spear it would be much more balanced than all chaotics atm. Remember that spears have slash, stab and crush attack styles. a chaotic spear would be a suitable choice for people who are in chaotic dilemma and have no idea if they want a maul or rapier first. The spear would be able to function as both the rapier and maul with slightly worse stats as compensation for its versatility.
  10. I used to play quite a bit and stopped playing for a little bit (6 months), anyway now i'm back. I lurk in the shyla cc if your ever there and want to say hai
  11. Happy birthday :D

  12. well bleep me if i don't feel poor now.... How did you get all that?
  13. lol deo I noticed that weeks and weeks ago, been whining about it in shyla cc forever :)
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