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  1. A gold of heart, made by me, to show just how much I love DGS. 16 gold bars to be exact.
  2. How on earth did you spend 12 minutes on necro? Even using the no food method it shouldn't take that long. Everyone should either get surges or a t9 or 10 longbow with fractite arrows bought from the smuggler, and then shoot it until it dies. IDK why, maybe my team were low range lvl
  3. Obt! I'm trying fri***** hard to get my large occult floors to under 30mins! So I unbound my Saggi arrows and bound some Laws.... Then I get necro and took us 12mins on the boss alone :'( Give me tips to key under 30mins pls :P
  4. I'll key 25+ for you if you like
  5. Runescape is now really a PvM game - skills arent needed apart from herblore. A lot of people don't PVM though. And if skills arn't needed then why are raw materials.. hmm? So you think Jagex are purposefully trying to ruin skills? No, but most of the game is tailored specifically for combat. I'm not saying I like it - that's just the way it is. Let's take a look at some skills - Atk/Str/Def/Magic/Range/Pray/Hp/Summoning/Slayer are pretty much all combat skills Farming was made for herblore and herbore for combat Mining/Smithing was from the old days - where getting armor drops were pretty rare, so many relied on these skills to get their armor Firemaking - Other then an easy 99, it looks like to me - the only real reason to level this is of the hand cannon DG - I think we can agree that most people do this for the rewards (in the form of chaotic/prayer/etc) Fishing/Cooking - mainly used to get food for combat (back when the only real other way to get food was to buy kebabs in Al Kharid >.<) Construction - looks like a LARGE amount of people come just for the altars The whole game is tailored more or less towards combat. I think that by providing a lot of raw material - it'll entice people who combat all the time to maybe work on some skills that they've conveniently gotten the resources for. On the other end, it's also an incentive for people to who skill all day to come by and work on combat since that's where you can make the most money I DG for the fun of it :-)
  6. And piss off everyone who had a shield(or shields) prior to the update. great... Let's stick to Dung
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