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  1. Excellent guide as usual, I had no idea not using an abyssal familiar to store essence was only a loss of 1k xp/hr, good to know for the ZMI. Speaking of which, do you have another guide or are planning to make a runecrafting guide focusing on xp, rather than profit? EDIT: Since you have multiple guides released, have you thought about adding the links to your videos in your signature? Would make it easier for your readers to see all of your work, because they are all among the best guides this forum has. Just wish you added text guides, rather than just videos :rolleyes:
  2. Even though you say you'll primarily boss hunt with your chaotic, many bosses are actually best fought with a Chaotic rapier. DKs, TDs, Bandos/Zamorak God Wars, Nex if used in conjunction with Rigour + Chaotic crossbow, and the rapier is king for general killing, because not that long ago the whip was the best. As was posted above, you should consider getting a 2nd chaotic as soon as possible, getting either a maul or crossbow. Ignore the Chaotic longsword completely, because its only uses are high level castle wars melee fights, Skeletal wyverns, and is equally effective as the rapier at Bandos God wars.
  3. I have zero experience at Nex, but I've read on the RSOF that Onyx (i) is useful for hybriding. True or false?
  4. That's why you hate dungeoneering. Don't even step into a dungeon until at least 50 DG, because teams are the only reasonable way of training DG and below 50 DG nobody will be doing C6 large floors. Use Tears of guthix and Penguin points, as well as any XP lamps you come across until 50, then begin your dungeoneering experience.
  5. Good guide, I was thinking about making a guide for killing these but I don't have the best equipment yet. However, I'm more interested in profit rather than charms, because I'm already 99 summoning. Otherwise, a solid guide.
  6. It gives +3, just like accurate stance gives +3 atk, and defensive gives +3 def The information was gotten from Jagex themselves, and a lot of testing done by players in the early years of this game. So if I understand this correctly, it would be most efficient after you've maxed your melee skills to use the aggressive stance for low defence monsters, and accurate stance for high defence monsters?
  7. Seeing as how all agility courses and all methods of training agility are painfully boring, the best method to train is the fastest, to get those levels as soon as possible. I'd have to recommend the wilderness course for your level, and dying from pathetic "PKers" should keep things somewhat interesting.
  8. Good luck with your goals and especially dungeoneering. I'm trying to get 85 DG for a chaotic rapier as well as a few other goodies, and joined DGS, but haven't been able to find a team to DG with in DGS (stupid 71 DG). Might just see you in Daemonheim eventually. :cool:
  9. So the aggressive stance gives an invisible +1 strength boost? Where did you find that information, out of curiosity.
  10. Thanks a ton, do you know about how long it takes to get a deflector and 300 rank + enough points for all three imbued rings?
  11. What exactly is suiciding, and what do you exactly do? I've heard the term, but never how to actually do it for either minigame.
  12. I've been searching the forum and this website, but not finding the information I'm looking for. I need to know the fastest way to complete Mobilizing Armies for 300 rank so I can get my Berserker, Seers', and Archers rings imbued. I also need to do know how to speed through Conquest for the void deflector. Anybody know the best method(s) for powering through these minigames? P.S. Sorry for the title, can't believe I messed that up :wall:
  13. Brilliant guide, exactly what I was looking for since I just started seriously Dungeoneering.
  14. Finally got 50 dungeoneering and a Prom 2h today, so my Dungeoneering adventure begins ... now. Not looking forward to W117 until 70 DG, I've heard very unflattering things about the people there, but once I suffer through 50-70 I'm really looking forward to joining the ranks of DGS. Until then, wish me luck, and hopefully this won't be too painful.
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