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  1. charlie 187-lol and i'm pretty sure tks was an older woman. she was very very nice
  2. IMO teleblock is what caused the massive teams to form and basically ruined deep wilderness pking. I wish they would have only made it to stop people from using manual teleports and not in-game ones. Before teleblock people weren't afraid to solo pk from the agility arena to the axe hut. If they ran into huge teams, even though most clans or groups of people back then actually used multi, they would just run and use the lever at mage bank or the lever back to ardy. I know your gonna say they lever'd OMG but a good pker would usually kill them before they got the chance to hit lever and even if you didn't get the kill you usually would have a chance to. The funniest kills ever were the ones you'd loot in mage bank or in ardy because you ko'd them while they were levering. People felt safe and when their escape route's were taken away they did what anyone would do. They teamed up so they felt safe and now the wilderness is filled with 30 man teams and it's just no fun anymore
  3. im not saying they should add a level cap and no new content..... they need to add a level cap and new content at the same time with 100 plus reqs so that people wouldnt be stuck getting slower exp rates
  4. Heres the thing with me... For the majority of players they are only captivated by a few skills.. for me its the attack/def/str/hits/slayer/crafting/prayer/herblaw/ I COULD CARE A LESSSSSS about any other skill and never will train them. Adding a monster that lets say had a 97 slayer requirement.. to me thats not hard to get and doesn't set me apart from anyone else with 97 slayer... if they raise the level caps only the true masters of the skill would be able to benefit from their love of the skill.. and its not like the levels would be that high... just to 120 but the difficulty would go up and would just make the game so much more fun... and for some skills how can they add on to them anymore without raising the level caps? if they added a new fish to the game lets say for an example, a marlin, making it 95 fishing to catch just doesnt do anything for me. 95 fishin is easy to get and lets say its 95 cooking to cook thats just easy.. i want high level content that takes a true passion of the skill to achieve...... and what really annoys me is if they never had the intention to raise level caps why make the experience keep going...? its just annoying.. lets say for example i have 50m exp in all my combat stats and im in a team with a noob with just 13m in all his fighting stats... i am no better than he is even though i am much more experience in the skills... people should be able to benefit from this and right now they cant
  5. With new weapons, effigies, monsters giving you 100 noted rune ore, double xp weekends, is it time to raise the level caps to 120 like dungeouneering.. I personally think its essential to the games growth in the near future but what do I know
  6. kbd has been solo'd since the first day it came out on runescape classic.. just sayin
  7. It's no different than many speculative economies around the world. then make 200m overnight irl plz
  8. i think its rediculous... this you cant see them you shouldnt be able to use them.. lol thats funny..either make them tradeable so the people that put in the time can sell them or let them use them... just like the guy said above me you cant see my d claws about to spec you.. you put in the time you should be able to reap the benefits.. you could drink the extreme before the wilderness wall in edgeville but as soon as you jump over it the air is different and you cant drink it??
  9. Ive been saying the Kbd should be on free for 2 years now. Give f2pers the chance to experience the boss fights available on members, the boss drops available on members (obv not d visage but d med. Some changes would have to be made... ie: giving f2p normal antipoisons, d bone/hide solution.. but I could only see this as a benefit to current p2p'ers.. More subscriptions.. and when we get those d med drops from nechryaels, mutated bloodvelds instead of putting them in the bank forever we could sell them for a couple hundred k
  10. When my members runs out the ten minutes I spend on free version make me want to quit.
  11. I actually really liked the plain black runescape logo t-shirt... i hope they bring it back because i was planning on buying one
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