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  1. So i have a red mask and I'm in need of cash with no junk. When should i sell my mask, soon? If the mask is going to continue to rise I'll keep it but if not i might sell it. I guess really, at that price (GE) should i sell my mask and / or when is it suppose to stop raising? ~Gant
  2. To be far they did cut down on alot of the JAGEX and RUNESCAPE logo's that made the first batch of shirts so unattractive :ugeek:... But to the fact that you would be teased, who cares? I use to wear the dragon plate shirt in my highschool and most people just did not care. I dunno, it keeps coming up that people that play the game don't like to show it, and it just bugs me because it's not really as big deal I think as some are making it. Oh well, atleast i'll be wearing one of those shirts in my school. :thumbup: ~Gant
  3. Just to those saying its a scam you can go to it this way. Go RS homepage -> Click on store -> Add the ending "/sunriseidcart/pc/home.asp" DONE! I'm not a scammer i swear! ~Gant
  4. Just got this as an E-mail. Checked with the homepage its not there. Looks good too. <3: Link to store ~Gant
  5. Ok, its a long thread and i don't really want to read it all, but i have one question. Whats Ping? I see it on world select but i have no idea what it is. :wall: ~Gantail
  6. Any one ealse notice that in the first picture the guy in the grey beard has only half a face? [hide=picture][/hide] Guess Q.A dont check pictures. \ ~Gantail
  7. found this on the RSOF thought I would post since i see no sign of it on this thread yet. ~Gantail EDIT: Also on RSOF Another EDIT: it seems the ZZZ stands for 'zimberfizz' (the nomads imp) as it has 3 Z's in the name. But then what does that drawing meen now (the scale thing)?
  8. And a nice Mod-ly update RSOF QC: 16-17-157-59341543 Page: 85 [hide=Mod Spoilage][/hide]
  9. Have my babies! Edit: @peanuts It was As-salted! yuk yuk yuk. Hint for a Fremmy fight? ~Gantail
  10. My own epic win this morning before GE updated. [hide=Win][/hide] ~Gantail
  11. I clicked the gnome, the get across the gap option. Maybe there is a simpler way, but that's what I did. I had this problem until some one told me the solution! Go under graphic options and change Visible Layers from Current to All That did it for me. ~Gantail
  12. Hiya just popping in, i have 92 agility and i tried it out i still fall down, I also think i read somewhere on the RSF that a level 99 agility failed it. Just some info. ~Loot
  13. Hello My name is Loot Women and this is my blog in RuneScape!*cheers* Hiya (agian)! my name is Loot Women i have been playing runescape as a F2Per for 3 years and i have been playing as a P2Per for about an additional 2 years. I have just recently gotten my skill cape in the last 2 months. I hope to get my stats above 50 for just bragging rights over my friends lol. At the moment i am trying to get to 80 or 91 runecrafting. I'm using the abyss to get to the nature temple. I own about 10m but its all in essence or glory's. I'm in a skilling clan called "The White Fists" we are in the runescape forum (search skills not kills). IM VERY TALKITIVE ADD ME IF YA WANT TEH TALK! So here are my starting stats: Combat 93 : [hide=Out Fit][/hide] Ok at the moment i am get runecrafting :thumbsup: to i hope 91 (double nature runes) Well i don't know what really else to add to this thread please post if ya got a suggestion of what to add. ~Loot
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