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  1. I think you're underestimating the capabilities of the software that could be made. If RS was a offline game I would agree with you though.
  2. I was hoping the whip update would give it a useful special. I called the stat increase almost on the dot. I was thinking 10 slash and 2-4 strength. also lol@admin who continues to bicker in a thread instead of PMing.
  3. Mechscape was scraped because it wasn't "fun", they took a lot of the resources from that and changed stuff and made new stuff to develop Stellar Dawn. My point is, the first major project after Runescape was killed because they felt it wasn't a fun game. I don't think there's anything worse than that from a development view point. Just because Runescape has a large playerbase and sure, that helps a lot. But just because isn't enough. If they pump out a new game and everyone think it blows major ass then they failed as a developer. As a developer, in my opinion, whatever their next project that is released will be very important. Yes they know how to market, that's why I said Jagex as a publisher won't end any time soon. As far as providing content that pleases, they are very hit and miss. Walk around in Runescape and look at all the content that gets played. Look at all the minigames nobody gives a [cabbage] about. We have mid level players who feel there's too much content for new players while veterans feel there's not enough content for them. I could go on and on and a lot of it stems from the fact that Runescape is so old now.
  4. Jagex has all the means to stop bots, they just chose not to. The signed client has access to everything it needs (file writing, file reading, memory reading, etc etc). All they have to do is ax unsigned and put it in their ToS that they have every right to search your computer for hacks. Heck, they could even check your browsing history with the signed client to see what sites you visited (Have you been on site X? banned). It would not be difficult at all for Jagex to check your hard drive for bot scripts. My only guess is that they are afraid to lose customers because some techniques may invade user's privacy. But at this point I've quit RS entirely because Jagex hasn't done [cabbage] about the bots and maybe I may come back if they actually got off their ass. Maybe, I'm enjoying all my free time.
  5. They have released one game that they have developed in house. They may have published some other games, but they have only developed one. Mechscape was canceled. Stellar Dawn we haven't seen anything about yet really. There's 8worlds and that transformers MMO. I can't speak for 8worlds since I haven't played it. FunOrb is alright, but it isn't exactly developer gold. So in my opinion, Jagex as a developer I would say their next projects would be make or break. They can't keep Runescape alive forever if they won't ban the bots (or maybe they can, where everybody is a bot it doesn't matter if you get their money). As a publisher they still have a future because they have money and as long as they don't throw that down the drain it should be good.
  6. What's the fastest way and how long would it take me?
  7. lol@jagex Do they run everything off 1 server or something? No wonder RS runs like poop
  8. Stupid livid farm is tempting me right now what the [bleep] was jagex thinking
  9. Easier than you are lead to believe.
  10. I think the only thing summoning needs at this point is an option for your familiar to automagically attack monsters.
  11. The problem isn't killing fast, the problem is the respawn times are low.
  12. The problem I have with the trolling rules is that something that someone wrote can't really be objectively looked at. I mean in this thread I saw a post that I thought was uncalled for, but the person in question that was receiving the, in my opinion unwarranted reply may have not have cared as much as I would have in that scenario. My point is, how can the tip.it staff look at a post and determine what is a troll and what isn't? And how can they assure that when they have to subjectively look at a post, that they don't bring biases in? I mean it's quite easy to see a post with the content "You are stupid and should kill yourself as you are a waste of space" as flaming and purposely hurtful. Likewise someone could make a joke and through the power of the internet it may be misconstrued as a troll. I guess what I am trying to say in a real round about matter is, I hope a lot of care is put into determining who and what is trolling or a troll. Sadly, it appears you guys are off to a horrible start with poor communication. The fact that this has already seemingly effected someone who may or may not have actually trolled, doesn't leave me with a lot of confidence.
  13. I actually got my Windows 7 Professional free. The joys of msdn. So basically what you are saying is that, the people who do not need technical support are giving the people that do a free ride? I never buy extended warranty or any of that jazz on my stuff. If someone wants to spend extra on extra support or something, that should be their choice. There are loads of people that have like 10 year old thinkpads - and they run Windows XP too. Sure, not every product line from every company is going to last 10 years. But that is why you shop around to get the best deals. What are the underlying benefits? I have never used the Mac OS before because I prefer gnu/linux and only use windows when I really need to. So I am curious to be what they are. (Only time I use windows is when I want to play some games or if my school requires something done in proprietary software) Dell makes some very good products. You are probably biased from having used their cheap-end line of products. Off the top of my head, I can tell you Dell makes very good monitors. Dells are still pretty slow. My Intel Core i3 (dual core) desktop with 6GB of RAM I built this time last year is much faster than the 6 month old Dell with i5 and 8GB of RAM that I use at work. And for the slowness, no I don't think the network would be a cause since it's only connected to the network for the Internet. Also, I have 3TB of hard drive while the computer at work has 1TB. A i3 should never be faster than a i5. The computer you use at work probably has a bunch of bloatware and extra antivirus and other stuff making performance worse. Usually size is not a tell take sign of how fast a computer is. As an example you can buy a 80gb SSD that will outperform multiple* raided HDD, never mind a single one. *not sure on how many as I never cared to look at that sort of benchmarks and it depends on what sort of benchmark you do. I have had Windows 7 installed for over a near, with no antivirus at all. All of this on a 7 year old CPU and integrated graphics. And I have never had windows crash on me on this install. Also I like gaming on smaller screens, dat dot pitch. People can buy Apple products if they wish. That is their business, but until their prices become better I cannot recommend them to any of my friends.
  14. That trim is ... ahem, well. yes. I hope they do something like the wilderness capes. It could come in a few different colours and trims.
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