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  1. pm me plox i must know how to do this, <-is already killing white berry botters for cash
  2. how well would ancients work here? Does anyone my cb level 105 ish bot here that i could kill?
  3. good guide short and to the point :)
  4. might try this soon, too bad most tifers are terrible pkers :/. might try hitting up the new tif clan and see if they will start doing this soon if they won't pk :)
  5. the name of this thread is full of win
  6. Racer434

    AP Exams

    thanks for the advice everyone :), and ya i know in hindsight i should have studied more lol
  7. Racer434

    AP Exams

    I took the AP exams recently and they aren't everything i hoped for. my scores are us hist-2 micro econ-2 english lang- 3 psych- 3 world hist-5 i'm considering retaking us hist and micro econ next year as a senior. They are free to me anyway with my income status but i'm wondering if its worth the effort to add on more retake ap tests to my already packed testing schedule next year with more AP and IB tests. If you have any sort of advice or are familiar with this form of testing at all let me know below. I figure most runescape players are pretty smart academic wise :)are
  8. are broads still good? they would cost less than addy
  9. If they introduced a chaotic spear it would be much more balanced than all chaotics atm. Remember that spears have slash, stab and crush attack styles. a chaotic spear would be a suitable choice for people who are in chaotic dilemma and have no idea if they want a maul or rapier first. The spear would be able to function as both the rapier and maul with slightly worse stats as compensation for its versatility.
  10. I used to play quite a bit and stopped playing for a little bit (6 months), anyway now i'm back. I lurk in the shyla cc if your ever there and want to say hai
  11. well bleep me if i don't feel poor now.... How did you get all that?
  12. lol deo I noticed that weeks and weeks ago, been whining about it in shyla cc forever :)
  13. I only have 7 quests at this point left to do and i'm wondering how should i go about getting the stats and in what order should i do them to maximize the prayer training i can get from reward lamps in blood runs deep and wgs. currently I have to get 57-70 construction 65-70 agility 66-70 thieving 61-65 farming 65-75 fletching (because of seers hard diary=stew level) I'm training agility at the ape atol course atm, is that the best thing for me at this level (the wild course seems like slower exp) for thieving should i just stick to p plunder or is their a higher exp/hour option For farming i'm doing herb runs as fast as I can, and tree runs every day. Also i'm using peng points weekly on it. (is their somthing i should add to my runs) Fletching is just annoying.... I have been using broad bolt fletching while doing laps on ape atol for fast exp but the clicking is annoying and the broad bolts don't sell. is their another arrow type i can fletch while doing agility or what should i bank fletch for the remainder of the exp for construction I currently have only a one room house in rekella and i plan on making it much better, what is a good training option and total house setup in general because i really don't train this skill except by using diary lamps on it. Finally I know i'm soposed to wait untill 75 prayer to use the blood runs deep lamps on prayer but should i wait to do wgs and what level do i need to use the lamps on prayer. I have 70 prayer atm any advice or help you can give would be appriciated, and also i'm sorry if the grammer is bad
  14. dude if you were on w99 to do that agility I would have seen you all the time cause i'm there lots.... shouldofbeenonw99? also nice blog :)
  15. I totally do the same thing every time I have a maul drop.... I actually killed one with only 1 hit and specs
  16. all that is much more like the original then the former so I'll take it
  17. well i sort of meant that he was evil in the "he wants to take over the world sense" rather then having guthix in charge... also i will edit my post to reflect what i intended to say
  18. Surely the God who stabs another god in the back (figuratively and literally) is a greater threat? Plus who said Zaros was evil? isn't that one of things people debate? Zaros isn't evil, he did what he wanted, when he wanted as far as I can make out. I don't think there's a god of evil AT ALL. Zaros just held a place of "Lord" of all beings, divine and mortal, when he was in power. Zamorak exists as the god of power, not necessarily of evil. Yes, we usually associate Zamorak with being evil, but the reason we think that is not because Zamorak personifies evil, but because Zamorak personifies the greedy lust for power that accompanies stereotypically evil characters. but zamorak is the god of chaos, and imo chaos = evil. zaros is evil but not of chaotic, I think of him as the opposite of guthix
  19. The new bow for rangers sounds interesting, maybe the dps on the bow will finally make range slaying awesome. Though on the other hand its prbly going to cost a arm and a leg to get.
  20. Well then it's a poorly done poll, isn't it? Wouldn't it be better if they just sent a message out to 50,000 active members asking the poll? This would be more then enough to be representative of the population of 10,000,000 down to a very small margin for error. Now I'm no statistics expert, I'm the type who only understands basic statistics for interpreting data but wouldn't this have been more effective if they really needed an honest answer? It would have been more effective, however it would have defeated the ultimate purpose of pulling a publicity stunt to try and recapture the people who left in 2007. The problem is they left and moved on, and so did Runescape. They will never be able to recapture what they lost and I think this poll is beginning to show them that. well your right but either way it seems like the votes may still get to 1 million as the climb, while slowing has still reached the 700k mark
  21. because pvp=pvm? Or do pkers pull out unicorns and bunyips now in fight? lol bring me a old school pker, let him use a full yak of food and fight me with a uni. i can basically guarantee a 70-80% winrate over him. uni + sum pots is the best food in the game. heals as much per slot as a brew and doesn't require attack turns / lowers combat stats. the only reason they arent used is because they raise your combat level and pkers don't like that Neither of those are used, because, yeah, they raise your CB level and the fact that one of you would KO another easily before a full yak of food is used. The healing effect is negible compared to the CB boost. Hell, if a lvl 112 decided to use a unicorn and run around in the wild a maxed player with ovl/extremes would smack the [cabbage] out of him before he could even dismiss his unicorn. Summoning isn't any means a good way of staying alive b/c of cb boost. if you're 138 it doesnt matter anyway. lol. also, summoning tanks and no, if you are fast enough to use uni in addition to pneck+brew+rocktail it's really easy to safe Having to pull off that kind of combo to survive is a good indicator that weapons in runescape are op. Anyway summoning tanks are an extreeme pure and summons are by no means usefull to most pkers. The only people i see pking with summons are high level trybriders and summoning tanks
  22. lol I was just about to post this exact topic, but i think that with these sets being shown together with chaotic weapons of respective classes we can assume that if the toreva armor is dropped by a boss in the frozen door then the frozen door may have a dungeoneering req
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