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  1. I do miss those quests but its probably a necessary loss as Jagex aims to link up in game lore.
  2. Could be and probably will be the new Bounty Hunter.
  3. What about story-wise? What if you did that way, its cool, what you are doing to link up everything.
  4. I don't think the toolbelt has solved the issue, it only allows for bronze pickaxes and hatchets, I'm hoping they will allow for different hatchets and pickaxes. I was stunned when I saw the toolbelt, didn't know what to do with it because it just made my life a lot my convinient in RS.
  5. The merging of the worlds is interesting but I suppose one might just have to eliminate the majority of F2P and change the makeup of P2P worlds to accomadate this. I think that the problems wasn't noticed because F2P at the beginning of RS2 was not too different from P2P and the gap was small enough to keep people happy. However, the world of P2P has grown enormously since then and I think now F2P looks like a diseased limb or a stunted one that has failed to catch up. With Morytania, the Elvish lands and the Pirate stuff east of Morytania and a general expansion of Kandarin, F2P has grown to be neglected. I think F2P ought to be a sample of the game and in order to attract people, lets just do that. Let the F2P world have a little of the stuff from P2P, from a small amount of each skill and quests( mind you, better developed quests, I spent 3 months on P2P and the best part was the quests, so rich in story and action) . Let it be a sample platter of the P2P world and I think you can attract more players to P2P, the success of P2P is partly due to a good F2P game. Who would shell out money for a car when the test drive sucked?
  6. If Dominion Tower is at Kudos Isle, I will truly be disappointed because thats not what I expected. I'm expecting something to do with Zaros, not quite sure what but not a tower.
  7. Let me clarify my point. I am aware that some Dragon weapons have quest requirements for you to use them. Release it to f2p but keep the quest requirements so that most f2p who have never been members and done the required quest can't use it. Which I guess means only the Dragon 2-hander and hatchet will be available. But this may be compensated by the rise in price due to increase in demand for the dragon 2h for those members who may want to sell it.
  8. I think now we know what the strange power was all about, its only obvious to ask: What was down there that could kill Bilrach, he seems to be more powerful than Zemouregal thinks he is if he created the demon K'ril Tsutsaroth and was able to reach the rift he wrongly thought would bring Zamorak back. It opens up a whole new storyline. Who killed Bilrach? Zaros? Dragonkin? Elder Gods?
  9. Probably been mentioned before but F2P needs the following badly: 1. Let us craft Chaos runes, it is ridiculous that us mages or at least cheapskates like me cannot make our own chaos runes to train our magic, I could use Wind Bolt for all eternity if you guys let me. 2. Fletching, rangers need arrows and bows so let them make their own, same reason as letting us craft chaos runes. 3. Release some dragon weapons to the f2p, anything that doesn't require a quest to wield. We can just buy it off the GE.
  10. Seabourch


    I think I can sum it up in this one saying: You are what you eat. Hence the resemblence to their environment.
  11. Wessan and Akballer47, thats exactly how I'm playing now. Play for awhile when I have a goal( trying to cook all the swordfish and tuna I acquired during my as P2P in the managing Miscellania mini-game). Before that, 30 Dungeoneering to access the maples trees and then stopped for a while before that, just trying to find things to do on f2p that interest me. Still don't have a 99, so maybe....I'll go for that.
  12. Did it before in 2003 when I kept losing accounts to hackers but now, I play until the game ceases to exist. Plus a kind friend sponsered my 3 months stay as a member, will one day return to p2p and enjoy the full game once more.
  13. Glad to see ROTM is finally here, not going to resubscribe. No, not yet. At least not until they start selling membership cards where I live! I hope Zemouregal doesn't perish in the ritual, hopefully one of the idiots who backs Zaros.
  14. I would just bring back the old random events, since they were removed only because the bot problem had seemly died down at the time, they ought to be able to do the job again.
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